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Freedom to customize drives performance

Setka publishing platform is totally customizable. Choose the perfect main page with a distribution concept and rhythm that suits your business. Create custom content widgets based on varying parameters to promote content efficiently within your ecosystem. Create your own themes and layouts for the entire site or different sections within it. You won't believe how flexible it is.

Streamlined project management

Dashboard is the ideal platform for collaborating with your editorial team. It supports the process from concept to publication, measures traffic and tracks financial KPIs. Staff and freelancers, editors, designers and producers—all of the team members involved in bringing your content to life—are united in a streamlined workflow.

Powerful article editor

Interface Images & embeds Layouts Visual identity Mobile

Our goal is to pair a simple, intuitive interface with rich functionality. Features include a sticky navigation, so that users don’t have to scroll up or down to find their place, and a WYSIWYG editor, so that they can easily envision what the final version will look like.

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Images can be uploaded to the media panel, inserted into the text edge-to-edge or with a margin. If an article has multiple embedded images, they automatically form a slide-show. Other embedded elements such as music and video players can be uploaded from almost any hosting platform and edited. Lazy loading optimizes browser performance when the article contains multiple embedded elements.

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The block structure of the grid accommodates layouts of any complexity. And the adaptive layout means content can be displayed seamlessly on a variety of devices. Background colors, patterns or images can be applied to tablets and smartphones. Adjustable separator margins for paragraphs, tables and graphics allow for vertical layout control.

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A variety of attractive and customizable fonts. An independent menu for dividers -- say goodbye to the standard black line! And, another small but neat detail to help promote your visual identity: unique icons for every publication. Single-click block embedding, allows you to insert hard-to-design but frequently used elements. All that's left is to fill in the text!

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Adapting new articles for mobile devices is as quick and easy as handling them on the desktop. To modify the article, designers choose one of three simple transformations. The result can be previewed in a separate window.


Cross-platform functionality

Ensure great user experience across all your platforms and devices. Mobile and palm landing pages for different distribution channels are now under control.

Advertising innovation

Native Advertising Display

Take advantage of media's most prominent business trend. Setka empowers your internal advertising teams, brands and ad agencies to create dynamic, high-performance native advertising solutions.

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Effortlessly choose any display position page structure that suits your needs. Setka also has built-in tools to create innovative display formats in-house with a display editor. Perform beautiful brand integrations and page/section takeovers and utilize native in-feed mobile/palm ad capabilities.


Strong social media distribution

Equip your content with eye-catching leads and stunning visuals, that can be generated automatically and customized effortlessly within the grid system.

Designed with media in mind

Setka is one of the most powerful media tools on the market because its creators are experts in the media business. The platform was designed and tested within a media company, Look At Media, with both business goals and experiential user needs in mind.

Look At Media does several popular projects: Look At Me, FURFUR,The Village, Wonderzine and Hopes&Fears. with a total monthly audience of over 6,500,000. The sites cover fashion, beauty, contemporary culture, technology, urbanism and local entrepreneurship.

Since launching in 2006, Look At Media has worked with over 310 local and international brands using the Setka publishing tool. This work covers 23 product categories, including display advertising, innovative brand integrations and native advertising experiences. These campaigns have garnered over 65 industry awards, including Cannes Lions, One Show, New York Festivals, D&AD and more.

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