Content experience design that converts

Smart content design platform for distributed teams. Within your current CMS or in the cloud.

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Design without limits

Setka Editor transforms the content creation process, so you can arrange text, images, and other visual elements into beautiful layouts — without having to code.

Publish unforgettable content

Personalized style packs and reusable templates ensure a consistent look and feel on every published post for heightened brand recall and awareness — all in a couple of clicks.

Convert your audience

Intentional layout and blog design enhance readability and user experience while boosting conversion rates and KPIs like social shares, scroll depth, and time spent on-page.

Streamline creative workflows

Quality image sourcing, quick commenting, and live help right within the Setka Editor interface allow for optimized collaboration across editorial and design teams.

We work with
any CMS

Setka Editor integrates into any content management platform, seamlessly replacing standard text editors with an easy-to-use editorial experience design tool.

Leading brands and publishers from around the world rely on Setka Editor to design award-winning content that drives serious business results.

"Setka Editor makes it easy for brands and publishers to build interactive, beautiful, and fast-loading content without having to code at all. After integrating with AMP for WordPress, their client’s AMP version looks identical, but loads so much faster - not only on mobile [5 seconds faster], but also on desktop [6.3 seconds faster]."
South East Asia Web Lead
"Since working with Setka Editor, we’ve seen our bounce rate go down by 84%, a 14% increase in homepage traffic, and average session duration up by 127%. The tool helps us structure the information on our blog and enhance it with photos, videos, GIFs, and more while pre-configured fonts, header styles, and pull-quotes save us time on creating posts and ensure we maintain a singular style."
Communications Leader
"Setka Editor allows a novice to typeset simple, neat posts without the help of a professional, and advanced designers are limited only by their own imaginations. The tool lets us create great-looking content without having to code, so anything we dream up is possible to realize... As a result, our blog has an impressive conversion rate and attracts high-quality leads."
Head of Brand Experience