Hi, we are Setka.

We want to make you look good by making your content beautiful.

The story behind our story

It all started in 2006, when we (Katya, Alex and Vasya) met from very different walks of life and decided to launch our first digital lifestyle media together that we called Look at Me. We were young, hungry and wanted to build something cool. When we launched we were this new generation of media for millennials that was challenging large media companies. We were the underdog.

We never dreamt we would go on to create a media company with

We were always looking for creative ways to monetize our content without compromising on the quality. One of our early branded content projects was with Volkswagen. We created a beautiful interactive travel guide for major European cities. Basically we offered our readers useful and high quality content while being transparent about it being sponsored by Volkswagen.

It was a huge success and we were able not just drive traffic, but also deliver hundreds of clients.

We worked with over



WE won


ad awards

In 2008, the financial crisis forced us to find our competitive advantage. We realized that the creative approach to branded content was our unique offering on the advertising market at the time.

The market was also changing and both readers and advertisers wanted more than just photos and text. Content marketing budgets were growing 58% year over year at the time.

By early 2009 branded content became such an important part of our business model that we were soon faced with a question:

How can we efficiently make high-impact branded content experiences?

The keyword being ‘efficiently’. We knew we couldn’t scale this model unless we had the right tools. There had to be a better way to design great quality content on a daily basis without tripling our team of designers and developers.

It was at that time that Roman Khudonogov joined our team and helped us completely re-invent our platform.

We called it Setka.


JUNE 2017

Setka Team at Moscow office

Setka Editor PRO plan is launched. Users can get even more flexibility with unlimited post styles and custom fonts.

MARCH 2017

MARCH 23rd 2017

The wait is over! Free Setka Editor plugin has been added to WordPress repository.

Setka Team at WordCamp US

Setka Editor enters Beta in the US. Hundreds of developers, bloggers and publishers share their initial feedback on how to make Setka Editor even better.



Setka launches operations in the US and opens an office in San Francisco.

Setka Team in Russia

Setka spins off from Look At Media and becomes an independent stand-alone start-up.



LAM wins several major awards including Cannes Lions in Advertising, One Show, New York Festivals, and D&AD.

We’ve added our mobile auto-scaling feature to Setka Editor.

MARCH 2012


First version of Setka is born. Our editorial team would never have to make basic HTML code adjustments ever again.

Look at Me decides to focus heavily on branded content and native advertising.


Vasily and Alex posing on Lookatme party

Editors of lookatme blog in 2007. Afisha magazine, photo – Alex Kuzmichev.

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