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Kate Bazilevskaya

CEO & Co-founder of Setka



While Setka is now a Silicon Valley-based software company, the idea for Setka started when my co-founders and I were building a digital lifestyle media company.

Back in 2006, the digital advertising market was already pretty cluttered, so we chose to differentiate by focusing on the quality of the content experience, optimizing for engagement along with views, an approach that gained us a lot of recognition and success.

This journey helped us to see the direct link between content design and content performance—but also to see just how much work, time, and often money we had to put into building these incredible content experiences from scratch. We wanted to see more great content design on the web, but that meant it had to be easier to create.

As a media company, we reached:




world-leading brands as advertisers


min/unique visitors per month

Up to 10%

content conversion rate

That’s when we started to develop our unique approach to content design and processes. It put design and reader experience at the forefront.

It made it easier for our team to collaborate while also empowering marketers and editors to make more changes on their own. And it ultimately helped us continue producing so much effective content at an unprecedented pace.

It was when we launched a US-based publication using the same approach that things really took off. It was acclaimed by many and, before long, we had thousands of companies—from big brands to small bloggers—interested in something that would help them do the same thing. So, we set out to build something that would help brands design effective and beautiful content at scale, allowing anyone on the team (regardless of coding knowledge) the flexibility to customize, test, explore, and innovate with every content piece, in the fastest way possible.

So, Setka was born, to build tools to make it easier for anyone to build incredible content experiences, and create a platform for us to share our wealth of industry knowledge.

We’re a team of content creators, designers, and engineers who are building products that help content creators, designers, and engineers work more effectively, on their own and collaboratively. We’re a team that believes that, even in this world of constantly-evolving technologies, reading and writing is still one of the most powerful ways we have to communicate ideas. But we’re a team that understands that, according to eye tracking studies and other research, readers are overwhelmed by the amount of content on the web, so resort to scanning more than reading.

Built by and for content creators, designers, and engineers

Content creators have to work smarter than ever, understanding how readers truly interact with web pages and designing their content to support better engagement—and that’s exactly what we’re here to help you do.

Here’s to creating more powerful content experiences with ease.

Our work has earned over 65 international awards from the Webbys, Cannes Lions, Native Advertising Institute, Design & Art Direction, One Show, Eurobest, and beyond.

Setka has been selected to participate in the Plug and Play Spring 2020 Batch

Our approach to creating more effective content

We’ve always been believers that visual storytelling is more powerful than storytelling alone, that plain-text posts belong in the past, and that quality editorial design makes for first-class audience experience. But creating effective content experiences goes so far beyond just having beautiful design, because everyone today knows design quality matters.

That’s why our approach to content creation goes deeper than just fonts and color choices (though we know that’s important, too!). Instead, we believe disruptive content experiences involve four factors:

Good content at the core

Design can only go so far in masking bad content. That’s why content quality should start with the content itself. Quality is about having an important mission, a valuable message to share, or a great story to tell; it’s about getting talented writers, photographers, and other creators to build the base of your content pieces; it’s about understanding the purpose of each piece instead of cranking out meaningless content; it’s about doing less better.

Empathy towards your readers

Yes, you should understand what kind of content your readers want—but you should also understand how they want to read it! Studies show you have less than one second to grab a reader’s attention and readers rarely read everything on the page, but there are ways you can help them out. By understanding this, you can design your content to help a reader get the most out of it, and we help you stay on top of the latest research.

Deeply collaborative processes

Creating great content involves a lot of different players: writers, marketers, designers, engineers, etc. Historically, these teams have been very siloed, but we believe the best content is made when processes are collaborative from the start and everyone on your team is empowered to contribute at every step, so we build our tools to encourage cross-team collaboration and empower anyone to pitch in at every step, essentially multiplyin§g the impact each team member is able to have. We also recognize that content production is a collaboration with the ecosystem you’re building in, which is why we partner with so many CMS platforms.

Dive deeper into our research-backed approach with our Guide to Designing a Great Content Experience.

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Empowering everyone with excellent design and technology

Once you have all those boxes checked, you want great design so that all that hard work will go appreciated—but we know it’s rarely feasible to have a dedicated designer and developer producing every piece. That’s why Setka Editor is built to give everyone on your team the power, knowledge, and tools to design whatever they envision, within your brand guildines. We call this the “multiplier effect” because we essentially multiply the design skills of the marketers and content creators on your team, equipping them to build experiences that are just as good as if an entire design team was behind them. Plus, we did the work making sure your site always works well by incorporating web best practices and ensuring our technical standards are top-notch.

Learn about what it takes to be a content experience disruptor from Kate’s talk at the Knotch & Salesforce conference:

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A distributed team building for distributed teams

While Setka is headquartered in Silicon Valley, we have team members around the world, from New York to Berlin and Barcelona to Minsk. We work from near and far on a unified mission: to help your team create incredible content with ease, no matter how you’re working together.

We are growing!

If you’re interested in joining us on our mission, email careers@setka.io