Bring Your Content to Life with New Animation Features

A range of new animations make it possible to apply automated animations to visuals, subheads, and entire blocks of text for boosted engagement and an enhanced reading experience.

This week we’re rolling out a whole new set of animation capabilities within Setka Editor. It’s a reveal that we’re particularly pumped about, as these new features make it so simple to add a touch of magic to any piece of content. Because movement? It’s sure to not only engage, but truly enchant your audience – guiding and planting their attention where you want it to go.

We weren’t always on a mission to create a robust animation machine; our initial approach was really based on simplicity and daily use. But our main goal has always been to make it easier for designers and editors to add standout visual elements to their articles and landing pages – and today, that includes a variety of animation capabilities as well.

In this update, we’ve integrated the most attractive and relevant animations for editorial-specific efforts from Animate.css into Setka Editor. This enables editors and designers to easily apply complex animations right within the editor interface, resulting in wonderfully rich effects – and no need to manually adjust every minute detail.

We also converted the CSS-keyframe animations to the more modern Web Animations API format. This not only future-proofs them, but also allows for better performance and makes them compatible with Google AMP animations component.

Alex Averin

Setka Front-end Developer

Now, Setka Editor users can choose to apply a range of eye-catching animations to any visual or textual element within their grid in just a couple of clicks. Our templates offer effects with pre-configured parameters, meaning you won’t have to change any settings manually – unless you want to, of course.

We’ve compiled expert opinions and detailed the best practices you can undertake to optimize these efforts in our Áccent piece, titled “The Ultimate Guide to Scroll-Activated Animations for Visual-First Content.” But here, let’s take a closer look at the wider range of animation effects new to Setka Editor – and how you can use the tools to easily design your own awesomely animated posts.

What’s new:

For each animation outlined below, you’re able to choose the direction in which the object will move (up or down, left to right, or right to left). For custom animations and ready-made effects alike, it’s also possible to set what activates the animation response, whether it’s upon appearance, click, or hover. What’s more, a quick preview of the effect is available right within the animation panel for easy viewing and design decision-making.

Jack in The Box
Roll In

WordPress users working with the Setka Editor plugin will find that the new animation effects are 100% AMP-ready, as are all other Setka design elements. This release is the first update of several upcoming features for working with animation and motion effects within Setka Editor.

Update: Setka Editor users can now customize scroll-activated animations, whose effect can come into play when scrolling down as well as up.

All animation effects are available with Setka Editor paid plans.

What’s your favorite new animation feature? And what would you like to see here in the future? Let us know @SetkaEditor.

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