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Abstract illustration of a hand holding the Magento logo

4 Unique Ways to Use Magento Blogs to Tell Your Ecommerce Story (and Make it Look Great)

Hand with Hubspot logo on it, symbolizing content design in content marketing using the Setka Editor in Hubspot CMS.

HubSpot Just Launched a New CMS and Setka Editor is Here to Help You Make the Most of It

Robot with a rocket on his chest, symbolizing Setka Editor being accepted in the Microsoft for Startups program.

Setka Has Joined Microsoft for Startups—Here’s What That Means for You

A stylized image of a person walking up steps with the HubSpot logo.

Hubspot x Setka Editor: Take Your Inbound Marketing to the Next Level

#AMPConf Celebrates WP Innovations, Improved UX + Instant Load Times [Recap]

Ghost Welcomes Setka Editor Integration

Quick, customizable design for beautiful, UX-driven posts

Setka Editor for WordPress Now 100% AMP Ready

Setka has integrated its WordPress plugin with the AMP WP plugin

Setka Becomes WordPress VIP Technology Partner

Setka Editor is now one of 14  partners