Client Success Stories: Robb Report Singapore

Discover how Robb Report Singapore’s Concourse Skyline Penthouse came to life online with a special content destination fueled by Setka Editor.

We can count on the layouts Setka came up with, and the layout grid that’s now in place really helps us save time — so we can focus more on producing the actual content.

Charmaine Tai

Editor and Content Strategist at Robb Report Singapore

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About Robb Report Singapore engages not only our existing loyal audience, but more importantly, caters to the next generation of digitally-savvy aficionados,” the company reports. “Our digital audience is significantly younger compared to those from our print publication, and is very much more open to exploring the intersection between luxury and technology.

“To keep up with the demand for on-the-go content, features shorter, topical stories based on global luxury events that cater to local readers. Alongside this are long-form articles that offer a more in-depth analysis of trends in the luxury lifestyle industry.”

But then, there are special projects.

This spring, Robb Report Singapore unveiled a project spent a year in the making: the Concourse Skyline Penthouse. After working with developers and taking over the property, the publication launched a redesign of the space powered by its luxury brand partners and luxury interior design firm.

The result? A super penthouse with over 16 different indoor/outdoor areas, fitted with the most luxurious furniture, light fixtures, and other special finishings and extras like stocked his-and-hers wardrobe and an on-call tailor, massage therapist, and more.


A Setka Editor-powered look at the property’s state-of-the-art kitchen

The Content Challenge

The extraordinary piece of real estate is now for sale — along with all its trimmings — leaving the editorial team with the following task: bring the space to life online with a user experience that’s sure to engage readers and attract qualified leads.

“We like to keep our standard content visually separate from our special projects, ” says editor and content strategist Charmaine Tai. “Online, it’s a rather standard format, with text and galleries interspersed. So the challenge is: how do you change it up?”

For such a noteworthy project, the team had to think big. They considered building a microsite in-house from scratch but heard from Setka at just the right time. “The team contacted us and sorted out all the layouts and how we could customize them for different projects,” says Charmaine. “It was quite easy for us to follow up on, and the idea was intriguing.

“Knowing that we can count on the layouts Setka came up with and the layout grid that’s now in place really helps us save time, so we can focus more on producing the actual content.”


Lush layouts and visuals prompt readers to learn more about the penthouse’s stunning outdoor spaces

Setka Editor’s Solution

That’s why Robb Report Singapore entrusted Setka to design a special content destination for the project. Accompanying the homepage — an animated floor plan and chatbot designed in-house — we created story pages to illustrate, inform, and inspire readers with all the wonders of the Concourse Skyline Penthouse.

16 specially-designed posts explore everything the property has to offer, guiding readers through an enchanting visual story of dream-worthy rooms, breathtaking views, artistic masterpieces, and other exquisite details found throughout. A perfect solution to the brand’s special content and client projects that lets readers easily understand and differentiate such work from regular editorial features.

Charmaine’s Favorite Features:


“The layout grid is very important for us, as it’s what print layouts are based on. It basically allows us to design a print layout, but online. Without it, we’d have had to code everything on our own.”


“When you’re scrolling and see a bit of text come in from above, below, left, or right, it really helps break up information, boost engagement, and reduce monotony for the reader. If I’m doing an in-depth, longer-read and want to catch a reader’s attention a minute in, this makes a big impact.”

Mobile Layouts

“One challenge was making this project mobile-first since some of the elements didn’t really work well on smaller screens. We had to tweak those, but our new designer should be able to develop a consistent system.”

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“In print, you have different layouts,” says Charmaine, “but on the web or a regular CMS, it’s always that one scrolling layout — text, image, text, image, text, image. So how do you change it up?

“That’s where Setka comes in. It allows us to do a sort of print version of our magazine — something that’s more interactive when it comes to how you want to align your paragraphs and images. And you can embed galleries, too, which is a big bonus for us.”


Galleries and animations help highlight every incredible detail

What’s Next

“We brought on an in-house designer and I’m hoping that we can do another onboarding call with Setka so she can learn the tool, ” Charmaine says. “That way, she’ll be able to design new templates when we have another client or editorial projects.

“We want to continue with Setka Editor for special projects, so I foresee us using it fairly often; at least once per month would be ideal.”

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