Export Your Layout Anywhere Using Setka’s New Design Cloud

Get code for your layouts to use on any site!

What it is

Design Cloud is a Setka Editor tool, which helps to prepare beautiful posts for publication on third-party sites or advertising platforms. It comes in handy for those who need an interesting and complex layout, which displays well on any format and in any medium.

This solution can be used by native advertising creators, brands that are promoting on partner sites, advertising platforms, publishing houses and users who have content but no site.

Design Cloud removes platform restrictions: brands and media can create multimedia projects of any level of complexity, receive expert analysis and save on production expenses.


Up to 60% of brands’ advertising communication doesn’t work (according to global research data: Havas Meaningful Brands, 2017).

At the same time, companies are allocating more funds to native advertising: it been projected that $1.3bn more will be spent on these formats in 2018 compared to 2015 (according to data from Adyoulike for the Eastern European market, which includes Russia). In North America this figure is up to $11bn.

Native advertising can work well, if the information is useful to the reader and the format is convenient and interesting in its approach.

To measure the effectiveness of a project, media and brands focus their attention not only on traffic, but on the metrics of attention: involvement times, page-scrolling, repeat visits to a page and virality.


OF BRANDS’ advertising COMMUNICATION  doesn’t work

Source: Havas Meaningful Brands

First of all, we wanted to keep all Setka Editor’s capabilities when creating branded content. Neat text, photographs, video, interactive infographics, and animation all help to involve the reader. Therefore the layout must be of good quality, impressive and recognizable in its communication.

Besides this, we wanted to have the possibility to arrange content, but fully preserve its external appearance and format. With the help of the layout’s readymade code, you can integrate content with any platform and for any device. It could be on a partner site, in advertising media, or a blog, it really doesn’t matter where.

Kate Bazilevskaya

Co-founder & CEO at Setka

How it works

After switching to the Content Design Cloud plan the tool is accessible on regular Setka Editor. Users can compose an article, interview or advertising project in the Style Manager, and once inputted into the Design Cloud, it generates a layout code, which can be saved and used again. With the help of the code, it’s possible to add material to any number of sites. The adaptive layout will look good everywhere, including on mobile screens.

In its design, the user can use everything that is normally accessible on Setka Editor: any fonts, elements of their brand’s style, columns, external elements and animation.

Screenshot from inside the Setka Editor, with a box full of code.

Post Effectiveness

Design Cloud is able to connect extensive analytics to each post, which has been made using the tool. Google Analytics collects data and the results are posted to the analytics dashboard, which includes a page with reports about reader activity for a chosen period.

Data about visitors, views, average reading time, post scrolling, clicks on links and sources of traffic is accessible to users. Including analytics allows you to assess which sites have turned out to be more effective.

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