Announcing Custom CSS Preview for Pro Users

Illustration of cat behind a laptop, symbolizing content design.

At Setka we listen to customer feedback and try to update Setka Editor on a regular basis. Today we are happy to announce that now our Pro users can preview custom CSS styles in the Style Manager

It is critical if you want to create some additional elements for your post style. Now, you have an ability to see how those elements will look like in your final posts.

Here are some examples of using custom CSS inside Setka Editor:

 Custom dividers. For example, if you want to create custom dividers that consist of three horizontal lines (we use them in Coaching style), you can enter code that will allow you to add them.

Screen shot from inside the Setka Editor for content design.

 Changing background color when you use bold font in your headers. In our blog, Accent, we are using this custom option, so when we add a bold header, it automatically has a blue background.

Screenshot of blog post with content design made with Setka Editor.

 Slideshow buttons customization. You can change the look of your navigation buttons depending on what you think best suits your blog’s style. You can change the color or the border to adjust the navigation buttons’ design to suit your chosen style.

 Additional elements for Text formatting. For example, you may add a quotation mark to accentuate direct speech.

To learn more about Style Manager, visit our Help Center. If you encounter any problems please reach out to us via support channels.

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