Easily Design Downloadable Assets With Setka to Achieve Your Marketing Goals

Step up your user acquisition game by using Setka Editor to streamline your process for creating downloadable PDFs.

We all know the marketing strategy—it’s basically lead gen 101 at this point. You offer up some amazing free downloadable resources, and all someone has to do is give you their email to access it. They get some incredibly valuable content, you get some new contacts on your list. Win, win—right?

Except for the fact that PDF ebooks are often a pain to create, requiring tons of design resources to do them justice. What’s a marketing team to do when you want to stay efficient but still have a high impact?


May we suggest using Setka Editor’s PDF export tool?

That’s right, not only do we provide tools that make it easy for anyone—designer or not—to create beautiful and engaging long-form content, we make it easy to publish digitally or to export as a PDF to use in your marketing efforts.

That means you get access to our powerhouse toolbox of features when designing your ebook: post style and micro-templates to keep your branding consistent, free photos from Unsplash and an icon library from The Noun Project, grids to customize your layout at every step, and so much more.

And, because your download was designed with a digital-first mindset, you have a fully-interactive web version available, too (which is likely to lead to higher conversion rates than the PDF counterpart). So you can provide an ungated, multimedia experience, and then prompt users to download the same content as a PDF if they provide their email. (That’s right, you can do both!) People love getting free stuff (even if it’s the same content), and may find value in saving the content for later once they scroll through the page and see how great it is. Or, you can gate both versions, offering the downloadable version to people who prefer it, sending other folks to the digital page, and watching your funnel of leads grow like never before.

The common route of producing an eBook as a downloadable PDF doesn’t provide an engaging experience. You need the capabilities that Setka provides to make it more consumable and friendly.

Devon Tackels

Content Marketing Manager at Sigma

To design your downloadable PDF, simply create a post as usual using Setka Design Cloud (learn more about Design Cloud here). As you’re working, you can quickly set certain elements to be hidden in the PDF version (for example, if you want to remove CTA buttons in the download). You can also choose where you want your page breaks to fall, or Setka will automatically break it up for you.

When you’re done, simply click the export option and choose to send the post as a PDF—you’ll receive an email with the PDF.

Sign up for Setka Editor and you’ll be publishing ebooks that stand out above the PDF pack in no time.

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