Introducing Setka Editor Lifetime Access

Developer-friendly pricing for Setka Editor Pro

Here at Setka, we take WordPress community feedback very seriously. Ever since we launched Setka Editor a few months ago we’ve been committed to continuous improvements driven by market and user feedback. As result, over the last few weeks we’ve launched several new features including last week’s algorithm-driven design. However, a lot of times feedback we got was:

“Setka Editor is amazing, my clients would love it. But when will you offer a developer-friendly pricing?”

So, for all of you out there that were waiting for a page builder for posts to offer your clients, today we are rolling out a Lifetime Access at a special discounted price and several extra features.

What is Setka Editor Lifetime Access?

With Lifetime Access you get all amazing premium features of Setka Editor Pro and then some more for a one time fee instead of a yearly subscription.

What are the extra features available for Setka Editor Lifetime Access?

 Lifetime Updates

 One account with multiple licenses

If you are purchasing multiple Setka Editor Lifetime Access licenses you will be able to manage them as separate accounts on one dashboard and create unique Post styles for each of them.

How much is Lifetime Access?

Lifetime Access will be offered at $499 per license. However, right now we are doing a limited time promotion:

$299 for the first + 50% off each additional license.

Get Lifetime Access for $299
time offer