Setka accepted into Friends of eBay

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We are joining a NYC-based accelerator!

We are very excited to share great news! Setka was chosen to join the 008 Summer batch of Friends of eBay. It’s a unique opportunity that will enable us to enhance our products and make them even more valuable for our users.

We can’t wait to work and learn alongside some of the brightest minds in AI, ad-tech, and e-commerce. Other companies in our cohort include Airmule, AID: Tech, Arylla, Cosign, Datalogue, DeepMagic, HelloAva, Lucy, Magellan, Markable, MediaGamma, and Tap Heaven. It’s the first time companies founded outside of NYC were invited to participate.

Friends of eBay is a unique accelerator that exists to support and enable the next wave of technical innovators and entrepreneurs. They provide office space, mentorship, and have an in-house team of seasoned VCs and Entrepreneurs-in-Residence.

Black and white photo of Setka co-founder and CEO, Katya Bazilevskaya.

Katya Bazilevskaya
Setka co-founder and CEO

“Today, both media companies and brands are producing content. A lot of businesses are embracing editorial techniques for marketing purposes. Setka develops products that help them to optimize and partially automate this process, and also produce content for many platforms simultaneously. We are very honored Setka got an opportunity to become a part of the Friends of eBay program in NYC. It will allow us to gain new knowledge and continue our active development in the United States.”

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