Ghost Welcomes Setka Editor Integration

Quick, customizable design for beautiful, UX-driven posts

To kick off the new year, Ghost — the open source blogging platform for all kinds of publishers — announced its new integration with Setka Editor. Users with access to Setka Editor’s Content Design Cloud will be able to create unique layouts and engaging imagery that transform any kind of written content into a stunning piece of visual storytelling.

Setka Editor is a fantastic tool for publishers who want to add art direction to their editorial content — we’re excited to be working with their team. We were able to setup a seamless integration using the clean HTML exports available in Setka, which are fully supported in Ghost. This provides Ghost users with an engaging way to transform their content into visual storytelling, without needing to write a line of code.

Kym Ellis

Head of Marketing at Ghost

From online publishing to marketing efforts, and bloggers to big-time content producers, Ghost powers all publishing efforts with a developer’s pick, customizable PaaS solution in which users can link accounts to social media platforms, optimize content for SEO, and pull in images, embeds, videos, and Markdown. And with over 1.3 million installs to date, the non-profit’s minimal editor, which provides a clear and simple workspace, is now making more room for even better design.

Screenshot of the Host blogging platform.
Speedtest’s blog on the Ghost platform

Setka will give Ghost-using editors, publishers, and content creators across the board the power to put together superiorly structured articles that enhance readability and boost audience engagement — without the traditional need for code. So companies like internet bandwidth analysis go-to Speedtest, user privacy-focused search engine DuckDuckGo and fintech-favorite Square — along with the many, many others who use Ghost — will now be able to compete for reader attention in a new, more visually-driven way within each actual post.

Screenshot of Setka-powered blog design.
Setka Editor-powered blog design

Tech startups and innovative brands love Ghost for its speed and simplicity. Teams of two and up can work together fluidly, collaborating on scheduling, editing, and navigating metrics. And Setka’s Content Design Cloud will allow for even more. The tool removes the complex integration limitations found in custom CMS, instead allowing brands and media to create multimedia projects for blogs and landing pages of any complexity amid reduced production costs and access to further analytics.

The result? Beautifully-designed posts, ready for third-party publication. Here’s how it works:

Screenshot from Setka Editors interface.
Step 1
Screenshot from Setka Editors interface showing integration with Ghost.
Step 2

First, design your post in the Setka Editor Content Design Cloud. Use all the fonts, colors, images, animations, and videos you want — along with different grid layout options and your own custom components for easy styling. Once you’re done, copy the resulting HTML code and log in to your Ghost account. Open a new HTML block and paste in the saved code. That’s it! Your work is ready for publication on Ghost.

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