HubSpot Just Launched a New CMS and Setka Editor is Here to Help You Make the Most of It

Learn about the new features of HubSpot’s CMS Hub and how the Setka Editor integration can elevate your content design even further.

Earlier this month, HubSpot announced the launch of their new CMS Hub, a content management system specifically designed to make it easier for marketers to do their job putting content out into the world, while still giving developers the freedom to build beautiful sites and IT teams the peace of mind that things will be running securely and smoothly.

As Angela DeFranco, the company’s director of product management, shared with TechCrunch. “We wanted to build a content management system and a suite of tools that could stand on its own and take away the pain of content management, not only from the marketer but also from the developer and the people that help the site run.”

Those tools include exciting new capabilities like:

  • Themes: Give marketers some control over what your website looks like (without them needing developer support). Start with one of their pre-built themes or have your designers create a custom one—defining things like colors and fonts. Then, marketers can make tweaks to the website’s design themselves, while allowing developers to set up guardrails to keep things looking cohesive.
  • Drag and drop editing: Make a page look exactly as you want it to, without having to code something new or tweak a template that messes up all your other pages.
  • Multiple article variations: Want to serve up your article in multiple languages? CMS Hub lets you do that. You can also create multiple variations of an article to see which one performs best, and have HubSpot serve up the winning one to the rest of your readers.
  • Integration with HubSpots other tools: CMS Hub works seamlessly with the Marketing, Sales, and Service Hub, meaning if you want SEO suggestions for your site or to track how a piece of content is affecting leads, that’s easy to do.

Plus, HubSpot offers a suite of apps that you can easily integrate to serve up an even better content experience—without any of the headaches of plugin management or maintenance—and Setka Editor was honored to be featured on their list of the best apps to use with the new CMS!

With Setka Editor on top of CMS Hub, you’ll have access to features that make incredible content experience design even more accessible, including:


Use our modular layout grid to organize your content effectively on the page and create unique layouts that make your content more engaging and help your brand stand out.


Components are customizable micro-templates that you can create to easily place branded and well-designed elements throughout all your content—think, things like CTA boxes, pull quotes, side notes, dividers, captions, and more.


Make your content more engaging by easily animating content elements, like text boxes and images, with 25+ animations effects that you can add with just a few clicks.

PDF export

Creating a downloadable asset for your marketing efforts? You can seamlessly turn any piece of content you’ve created in Setka Editor into a beautiful downloadable PDF.

Varied backgrounds

Make your content more lively with backgrounds that can vary throughout the page. You can choose to add a background to a whole post, separate grid, or other defined element, and use images, color blocks, or even custom code.


Easily add footnotes to give your content more context. They will show up in a modern and user-friendly way as small pop-ups when the user clicks or hovers over the footnote.

Enhanced symbols

Make sure every little piece of your content is perfect with our enhance symbols feature, which lets you unify and streamline small textual elements like dashes, quotation marks, and non-breaking spaces.

In fact, Maddy Osman on the HubSpot blog named us as one of the best WYSIWYG editors for your site, sharing how our tool “allows remote teams of any size to collaborate on content design projects and implement decisions quickly.”

Get started managing your content in new ways today with one of our favorite HubSpot templates for an extraordinary content experience.

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