Introducing Easy Image Editing Inside Setka Editor

New tools like crop, tint, flip and more make it easy to edit visuals inside your CMS.

At Setka, we care about our client’s visual storytelling efforts. That’s why we listen when they share feedback and requests. And our newest Setka Editor update is the result of that collaborative nature at work.

“Having access to these tools in your CMS makes for a very user-friendly experience, especially for non-designers who happen to be working with imagery.”

Tracy Leeds

Senior Photo Producer at A&E Networks

Many marketing departments don’t have the resources for a dedicated photography professional. Now, writers, editors, and content marketers can easily implement simple yet effective image edits right within the Setka Editor interface.

What’s New in the Image Editor

Crop and Resize

GIF exemplifying image editing features in the Setka Editor.

Rotate and Flip

GIF exemplifying image editing features in the Setka Editor.

Adjust Brightness

GIF exemplifying image editing features in the Setka Editor.

Change Tint

GIF exemplifying image editing features in the Setka Editor.

The new image editor opens up in a pop-up window, allowing users to easily improve and optimize visuals alongside their content and layout editing efforts.

Here’s what our clients have to say:

It’s no longer necessary to launch special editing programs every time I need to quickly perform simple operations like cropping an image. Considering that I work with a huge number of photos every day, the image editor saves a decent amount of time and has proved to be a useful function for me.

Nikita Bazanov

Designer at

We’ve been looking forward to this feature, as it’s very relevant to what we do. We used to resize images in third-party applications, which meant additional steps and more time spent on the layout process. Now our lives are much easier, and editing our content is an even more pleasant experience.

Alyona Kim

Digital Project Manager
at Arithmetic of Good Charity Foundation


We’ve also added a drag-and-drop function which will activate in the Setka Editor plugin for WordPress within a month’s time – right when we’ll announce our integration with WP’s media library as well. Stay tuned for more updates!

Photo @davisco Unsplash

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