Introducing the Setka Cloud Content API

Today, we’re tremendously excited to announce the launch of the Setka Cloud Content API. But what exactly is this new arrival, and what are the benefits that it has to offer?

What are API-first solutions?

Every web developer should be familiar with the concept of an API (application programming interface). Much has been written in recent years about the “API economy”: an entire ecosystem that seeks to make it easier for different services and technologies to communicate with each other. Instead of spending time working on a custom-built solution, developers can simply make use of an API built by the creator of a particular service, and devote the time saved to other priorities.

The term “API-first solution” has become a buzzword these days—but what does it mean precisely? With an API-first solution, developers treat APIs as a “first-class citizen.” In other words, the end product needs to be designed with the recognition that humans and machines will be consuming data and interacting with it through the use of an API.

Benefits of an API-first solution include:

Freedom and flexibility

Adopting an API-first approach lets you do front-end web development with the framework of your choice, and use any modern scripting language for content creation. You get to mold the solution to work with your preferred technologies, instead of the other way around.

Speed and automation

An API-first approach enables you to deliver product updates faster, particularly with the use of automation. You can build automated content delivery pipelines, making the development and testing process faster and less error-prone.


As a corollary to flexibility and speed, API-first solutions are inherently more modular than alternative approaches. This means, for example, that it’s easier to add new functionality to an existing application without having to rearchitect the entire solution.

What is the Setka Cloud Content API?

The Setka Cloud Content API makes it easier to integrate with API-first platforms and frameworks when building websites. You can use the Setka content editor to design websites exactly according to your specifications, and then rapidly deploy them to production. The output of the Setka API is fed into automated build platforms such as Hugo and React Storefront, which in turn deploy their output using services such as AWS, Google Cloud, and Netlify.

We’ve always strived to provide flexible, platform-agnostic solutions and make it possible for content creators and engineers to use Setka Editor wherever and however they needed. Rolling out Setka’s Cloud Content API is the next logical step in providing even more flexibility in content production.

Kate Bazilevskaya

Co-founder & CEO at Setka

Why choose the Setka Cloud Content API? The Setka ecosystem comes packed with features such as:

Ease of use

The Setka Cloud Content API reference includes all the information you need to get started working with API-first solutions. The API payload includes links to all assets, allowing everything to be hosted within existing infrastructure.

WYSIWYG content editing

Setka’s WYSIWYG content editor makes it easy for anyone to build beautiful, powerful, and dynamic websites. Based on 10 years of media development experience, our editor offers fully customizable layouts, animations, live previews, image editing, and galleries.


Setka has been built with performance and SEO in mind, so that you won’t just build websites fast—you’ll build high-quality ones. The Setka editor outputs clean, well-structured, semantically correct code, and uses optimized CSS, JS, and image assets for faster load speeds. The Setka Cloud Content API’s advanced caching techniques provide an instant response of less than 200 milliseconds.

Rave reviews

Setka has achieved a rare 5 out of 5 stars rating on the software review website G2, where we’re also ranked a “Leader” in the field of WYSIWYG editor software. User Devon T. writes: “Integrating Setka helped our team launch a new blog and to consistently crank out design-driven content that stands out. With Setka we get both efficiency and beautiful content.”

One big selling point that we haven’t mentioned so far—the Setka Cloud Content API works seamlessly with all of the top major site generators, including:


Gatsby is an open-source static progressive web application generator that uses the React JavaScript library for building user interfaces.


Netlify bills itself as an “all-in-one platform for automating modern web projects,” with support for technologies including Drupal, WordPress, Angular, and Vue.js.


Hugo claims that it’s “the fastest tool of its kind,” with an average page building time of less than 1 millisecond. It also includes pre-made templates and internationalization support.


Nuxt is an open-source framework that sits on top of Vue.js, making it easier to build universal apps (i.e. applications that execute both on the client and the server).


Shifter is a static site generator for WordPress, making it easy to build scalable and secure websites within minutes.

React Storefront

React Storefront is a static site generator built on React and Next.js that has been specifically designed for e-commerce websites; the tool is compatible with Magento, Shopify Plus, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, and more.

Whichever site generator you want to use, the Setka Cloud Content API gives you the freedom to choose the one that works best for you.

The API-first platforms are a critical building block of modern digital products. In line with this trend, we are excited to unveil Setka’s Cloud Content API to upgrade the experience for both developers and end-users. Our Cloud Content API lets you connect Setka Editor with your application or any static site generator instead of wasting time on building custom solutions from the ground up.

Igor Kuznetsov

Setka, CTO

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