It’s Now Easier Than Ever to Integrate Your Style Guide Into Setka Editor

Our new Style Assistant can help you set up new styles in seconds.

While we’ve always designed Setka’s editing interface to be easily usable by designers, writers, and marketers alike, we recognize that the initial account setup hasn’t always been the smoothest.

In order to easily build posts that match your unique look, you first have to set up styles that define your standard fonts, colors, buttons, and more for your publication as a whole or for different types of articles you create. But if you didn’t set up your account with the help of our team, it might not have been clear that this should be your first step. And if you’re not a professional designer familiar with the nuances of building styles from scratch, our interface might have felt a bit overwhelming.

So, to make it easier for anyone to get started with Setka Editor, we’re excited to launch our Style Assistant, which helps you set up new styles in a snap.


When you first sign on to a new Setka Editor account, you’ll now be prompted with a two-step walkthrough for setting up your first style. Simply choose a color palette—selecting from some sleek pre-made options or entering your own brand colors—and choose a combination of fonts to use for header and paragraph text, previewing your choices all along on a sample article to be sure you like the look. The Style Assistant will take it from there, creating a ready-to-use style with all your six different header and text formats, all necessary accent and background colors, several different content dividers, and a stylized button in your brand colors.

And just like that, you’re ready to go! You can immediately start building posts using your new style guidelines. Plus, you still have full control to tweak any part of your style using the Content Design System Manager (CDSM). Add custom fonts, change header sizes, add new dividers and buttons in multiple colors, or start getting crazy and adding icons and components to take your posts to the next level. The Style Assistant is just here to get you started simply and easily, but you have so much room for creativity from there.

Existing users can also access the Style Assistant for easily building new styles by going to their styles page, clicking the “create custom style” button, and choosing the “quick setup” option. And, of course, you can always create custom styles the original way using the “advanced setup” option.

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