Keep Important Content Elements In Sight With New Sticky Animations

This new Setka Editor feature allows you to keep certain elements static while the rest of your content scrolls by.

Sometimes there are bits of your content that you want to make easily accessible to a reader no matter where they are on your page: a table of contents makes navigation easier when it’s always in reach, a CTA could be more impactful if it’s there whenever a user feels inspired to click, useful definitions are more helpful when a user can reference them anytime they need.

While allowing certain elements to stay static when the rest of the page scrolls is incredibly useful for optimizing the reader experience, it’s a feature that’s tough to implement. On most CMS platforms you can only achieve this using custom CSS, which means it’s not accessible to most content creators.

Today, we’re excited to bring this feature to the masses with the launch of sticky animations within the Setka Editor!

Now, without needing to code a thing, you can select an element of your content and set it to “stick” to a certain point of your page, meaning it will stay in sight as the user scrolls down the rest of the page.


To use this feature, select the element you want to remain static and head to the animation menu where you’ll find a new tab labeled “Sticky.” Here you can select whether you want the element to stay on the top or bottom of the page, and how much padding you want it to have from the edge of the screen.

While we anticipate this exciting new option being used most often to keep tables of contents on hand to improve navigation through long articles, it could also be used to:

  • Create CTAs that are always visible
  • Provide links to additional reading that a user can click on anytime
  • Give important context or definitions to help a user better understand the content they’re reading
  • Keep impactful data points front and center
  • Have an author or company bio always in view

…and so much more! We can’t wait to see your creativity with this new capability.

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