Magento x Setka Editor: Visual Design for eCommerce Content

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A brand new Setka Editor extension for Magento makes online shopping a more beautiful, user-first experience

Magento makes it possible for brands and retailers to create the online store of their dreams. And now, without having to code, eCommerce players working with the platform can use the new Setka Editor extension to quickly create stunningly beautiful-looking blogs and editorial content to attract, engage, and convert their audiences.

CMI reports that 70% of consumers prefer to learn about a company through a blog or online publication. Be it a curated product collection or lookbook, a case study or influencer post sharing how people use your product, or a good ole’ blog or white paper giving advice, good content gives customers a new way to connect with your product—and makes it all the more likely that they’ll buy.

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Head shot of co-founder and CEO of Setka

Katya Bazilevskaya

co-founder and CEO of Setka

eCommerce companies are willing to invest in content—and they get measurable results. Content marketing is seriously effective (according to Divante) it was the strategy with the best ROI for eCommerce brands in 2018), and at Setka we believe that high-quality design is the best way to boost brand storytelling. That’s why we created a solution for one of the world’s largest eCommerce platforms: the Setka Editor extension for Magento.

But these days, if content doesn’t stand out visually, it won’t stand out at all. That’s why Setka Editor’s extensive visual tools enable branded customization and powerful storytelling for content that can’t possibly be confused with any other company’s.

Plus, a powerful visual language boosts brand recall and lead generation, and consistent brand presentation across platforms can increase revenue by up to 23%. Using Setka Editor, companies can boost their own KPIs by infusing their brand identity into everything they publish—on Magento and beyond.

Setka Editor’s easy-to-use interface seamlessly integrates into Magento, making incredible content design possible right within your normal workspace. Using a simple grid system and a robust array of tools, users are able to arrange text and visuals into magazine-quality, image-rich layouts for Magento-powered blogs.


As in any CMS, the Setka Editor extension features templates, reusable design blocks, and other pre-styled settings that allow for efficient content creation. This includes the best typefaces, layout controls, color palettes, imagery, and a range of scroll-activated animation capabilities—along with automatically optimized and customizable layouts for mobile screens.

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