We canceled the registration inside the WordPress plugin to work with Setka Editor

Basic functions are now immediately available to all new users.

New users of Setka Editor on WordPress websites aren’t required to sign in to the plugin in order to use basic functions. Now, as soon as you finish installation, you can start creating posts in the editor. Learn more below about why we made these changes, or download the plugin now to get started.

As it was

After installation of Setka Editor plugin, users used to have to sign in by filling a long form. If you already had an account, you had to hunt down the license key and enter it. Only then would the Setka Editor tab appear in the back end.

As it’s now

Right after plugin installation, the editor tab appears and you can create posts using General style functions. This is enough to try the Setka Editor: change the font size, modify the background color, add article elements, and use the modular grid and animation.

Download plugin Install pluginSetka Editor tab in back-end

Why you should still consider registering

The ability to sign in still remains in the plugin’s settings. That’s because, in order to create your own Post Styles—with custom fonts, different font and background colors, a set of icons and design elements—you’ll need to register for a free account. This allows your publication to design posts that fit within your brand identity or add extra elements to help you stand out.

If you need more styles, you’ll want to upgrade to the Pro plan. Besides unlimited styles, you’ll get access to additional Setka Editor features: customizable styles and grids, a built-in font library or the ability to upload your own, the ability to connect to several sites.

Finally, if your blog or website is on a non-WordPress CMS and/or you work with a large team, the Pro Team plan is ideal. In addition to the features mentioned above, your entire team will be able to use Setka Editor to collaborate on posts and make them better than ever before.

Give Setka Editor a try

Get a demo from our Customer Success team or try Setka Editor for two weeks, free.