Our Magento Integration Just Got Even Better With Widgets

This new feature makes it even easier for business owners to integrate their products throughout every piece of content.

A few months ago we announced a new integration with Magento, giving eCommerce companies who use the platform the ability to create stunningly beautiful-looking blogs and editorial content to accompany the online store of their dreams.

Well now we’re upping the ante and adding another key Magento feature to the partnership: widgets! This will give business owners more control over how they integrate their products into their content marketing, ultimately helping them even more in their efforts to drive sales from content.

For those who aren’t familiar, widgets allow Magento users to place similar blocks of content at various places throughout their online store. These could be static blocks with images and text—such as an ad for a promotional campaign—or could offer interactive and dynamic features like product lists or submission forms. Ultimately, it means business owners only have to create this content once and then can place it anywhere they think it will provide value to the customer (or make it more likely for them to buy).


Now, you can add these widgets to any page created using Setka Editor, too. So you could, for instance, place a list of related products within a curated product collection (that updates automatically as your inventory changes), a product link into a lookbook (that always has the current price listed), or a banner about your seasonal promotion in a gift guide (that’s easy to swap out when the promotion ends). This interactive content makes it so much more likely that you’ll convert a reader into a buyer. And, as always with Setka, it will align with your visual branding and you don’t need any technical know-how to do it.

Simply click the “Insert Widget” button on any content page in Magento, choose which type of widget you’d like to use and tweak any settings, then insert it on the page. You’ll now see a widget box that you can move around the page and incorporate into your design however you’d like.

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