Introducing Pro Team Plan for Setka Editor

New collaborative features to streamline content creation in a team

When we first developed Setka Editor, we were just a small team inside a large European media company trying to solve our editorial team’s challenges. Piece by piece we developed several products that would help our editors, writers and designers to produce high-quality content faster on a regular basis without increasing costs. At the cornerstone of that was our Setka Editor.

Today we are still focused on making content production within teams of various sizes not just easier and more efficient, but also cost-effective. Which is why we felt the need to roll out a package and a set of tools just for content teams.

With Setka Editor Pro Team collaborating on a piece of content  becomes easier and more seamless. Each team member gets user access to the Style Manager and the plugin itself, while an admin can set user access levels.

Right now we are starting with two levels:


can add users and manage styles


can leave comments and collaborate with others in the post editor

Pro Team plan will also allow users to have discussions with their team members directly inside the post.

You can leave a comment in the post, reply to your teammates and resolve comments when they become obsolete. Users are also able to send notifications to each other.

Obviously, this is just a start and we are listening very closely to our clients on collaborative features they need.

Stay tuned to learn more about other features for more efficient teamwork!

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