Say Hello to Setka Editor 2.0

We’ve given our content design editing tool a makeover - inside and out

Setka Editor users can now update to version 2.0, which features a completely updated service core, improved interface, speedier operations and new capabilities.

We value good design. It’s not enough for our editor to be convenient and easy-to-use. We also want to create a pleasant user experience. That’s why we updated its core as well as its look and functionalities.

Aesthetically, we cleaned up the Setka Editor interface while enriching its typography, animations, and color accents for greater clarity, contrast, and comprehension. We added bright hues for grids, while also highlighting elements and key buttons that make it faster and easier to interact with the editor.

And with toolbars and basic functions remaining in place, there’s nothing new to learn.

We’re constantly thinking about how to develop new features for Setka Editor, as well as how to make working with our tool more comfortable and quicker to use. We’re also always improving on both the interface and «under the hood» technologies as well. In the latest round, we updated the design because its convenience and clarity in many ways impact the speed and time it takes to design posts. And shortly before that, we released version 2.0, where we updated the technological core of the product, allowing us to speed up operations with text, images and grids.

Lena Kolobaeva

Product Manager at Setka

To make Setka Editor more responsive, more reliable, and more flexible for the integration of new functions, we completely rewrote the service core. As a result, the editor responds even faster than before, whether you’re inserting and formatting text, hitting undo and redo buttons, or creating anything else.

We’ve also added a Tables feature that makes data formatting a breeze — and good-looking to boot. And, naturally, they adapt to mobile screens

Let’s take a look at what else is new:

Better-looking grids + rounded buttons

Greater contrast + clearer fonts

View actual and original images sizes in one go

A singular field (instead of the previous two) for embed link + HTML code insertion

Every day, hundreds of materials are drawn up in Setka Editor, giving us so much to build on and valuable insights from which to improve on the appearance and functionality of our tool. We listen closely to user comments, which have influenced how the new design looks. As a result, the interface has become fresher and lighter, and it’s now easier to work with embeds, images and other functions of the online editor.

Paul Kutuzov

Lead Product Designer at Setka

We’ve come a long way since striking out on our own in 2015. Back then, our tool was only used in-house, fueling hundreds of international brands, publishers, and award-winning content efforts.

Today? We’re sharing it with the world, and continuously striving for better design and ease-of-use.

Our goals for our product and customers, however — they’ve remained the same. They’re to:

  • Create a WYSIWYG editor that gives you full control over your content’s appearance throughout the entire editing process
  • Empower users to consistently create and publish complex, interactive, image-based articles, posts, and other content that engages readers across mobile, tablet and desktop computers
  • Cut down on the need for developers, saving on time and resources when creating content and layouts of any complexity
  • Facilitate the creation of high-quality mobile layouts for mobile screens alongside desktop versions
  • Work with any WordPress theme and site settings
  • Integrate with various CMS platforms and provide personalized configurations for each client, and
  • Maintain compulsory technical requirements when it comes to cross-browser compatibility, SEO best practices, and semantic HTML-code.

Let us know what you think of the new design! We’re all ears @SetkaEditor on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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