Setka Has Joined Microsoft for Startups—Here’s What That Means for You

Setka has been accepted into the Microsoft for Startups program, which will help us continue to improve our product.

While Setka Editor has been integrated with Microsoft SharePoint for a while now, we’re excited to deepen our relationship with Microsoft as we’ve been accepted into the Microsoft for Startups program!

In case you aren’t familiar, Microsoft for Startups helps B2B startups like us scale by providing them with access to cutting-edge technology resources, hands-on mentorship, and incredible access to new customers. Since its founding two years ago, “thousands of startups from more than 140 countries have connected their game-changing solutions to our enterprise customers,” shares Microsoft. “Startups active in our program are on pace to close more than $1 billion in new sales opportunities this year alone.”

Obviously this is a huge opportunity for us from a business standpoint. We look forward to joining current members of the program, like Element AI, TechStars, Microshare, and more in connecting with new partners and collaborators, learning new techniques to bring our products to market, and generally seeing unparalleled growth.

Microsoft has such a great track record of investing in the success of the startup community and we’re so honored to have them in our court. Plus, with their long track record of UX research and working to optimize the content experience, we couldn’t imagine a more powerful partnership and are excited to see how it helps our company grow!.

Kate Bazilevskaya

Co-founder & CEO at Setka

But it’s also exciting news for our existing users (and future users!) who are looking for more ways to use Setka Editor along with their favorite Microsoft products. We plan to use Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing technology to help take our product to new heights, and even have an integration with Microsoft Teams in the pipeline.

Learn more about our integration with Microsoft SharePoint, and watch for more announcements to come!

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