Share Previews of Your Posts With Anyone—No Editor Access Needed

This new Setka Editor Design Cloud feature lets you easily share previews of unpublished posts with people who don’t have backend access.

It’s pretty standard in the content world to need to share a post preview with someone without wanting to give them a login to your backend editor. Maybe you’re an agency sending the page to a client for approval, or a publication who wants to share the final article with an interviewee before hitting publish. Whatever it is, a simple Google doc won’t do—you want them to get the full content experience, without getting access to all your content.

As of today, we’ve made it easy for Design Cloud users to do that in just a few clicks. (WordPress and other platforms already have their own preview functionality.) Plus, you have the option to password protect your preview if you want to make sure not just anybody can take a peek.

On your posts page, simply click the “preview” button on the post you want to send, and then on the preview page click the “share” button. (Alternatively, you can click the three dots in the upper right hand corner on the post page, and choose the “create shareable link” option.)

From there, you should see a pop-up that allows you to set a password if you’d like, and get a shareable link to send to whoever you need. They’ll get the full experience of your content, including the full design and any animations or interactive elements you’ve included. You also have the option to remove a sharing link if you need to revoke access later on.

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