Introducing Smart Design Tools

Artificial intelligence and algorithms are on everyone’s lips at the moment, but what do these new technologies mean for the future of web design and online media?

When thinking about AI, people often imagine the future where robots replace humans and do their work instead of them, but here at Setka, we are not sure this sci-fi scenario will come to life. What is more likely that smart digital tools will help humans (and, most importantly for us, human designers) to work better.

A few months ago we launched our Setka Editor plugin for WordPress to help bloggers, publishers and other content teams to design beautiful posts in a completely new way. We saw that nothing was changing in the way people were editing their content, while lots of new tools were coming out to help with building websites. Therefore, we embarked on the mission to revolutionize not just the content experiences our clients create for their readers, but the experience of creating beautiful content itself.

Today we are extremely excited to announce we are taking our first step towards data and algorithm-driven design with the launch of our Smart Design Tools.

Right now, our Smart Design Tools already use algorithms to analyze patterns and different content elements to make design recommendations. In the future, we envision this set of tools  will use even more complex algorithms and learn from our users to make personally tailored suggestions.

New features included in the Smart Design Tools:

Smart Layout

It can be a bit tricky and time-consuming to start creating complex layouts right away. That’s why we are introducing Smart Layout — a tool that will help you to produce great looking posts faster and learn more efficiently. Setka Editor is built on a design principle of using grid systems to structure your content to be more beautiful and easier to read. Smart Layout tool will analyze your content (both images and text) and suggest three layout options for each set of elements.

Smart quotes

We also developed an algorithm that recognizes text selection in the paragraph. At the click of a button you’ll transform plain text into a quote.

We’ve added beautiful quotes for pre-made styles. If you want to use your own custom style, quotes will be automatically generated based on the text formats that you chose.

Smart Design Tools are available on all Setka Editor plans. We would love for you to try it out and let us know what you think!

We are already working on developing more Smart Design functionality, so watch this space closely.

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