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Wizard symbolizing that you can improve content design and content collaboration by integrating your style guide with Setka.

It’s Now Easier Than Ever to Integrate Your Style Guide Into Setka Editor

Illustration of person looking at a book, symbolizing a preview.

Share Previews of Your Posts With Anyone—No Editor Access Needed

Illustration of a hand with the magnifying glass.

Search Your Posts in Design Cloud in a Snap

Image of a website with the Scroll Studio logo in the lower right corner.

How Setka Editor Helps Scroll Studio Do More for its Clients With Less

Screenshot from Reveal’s website featuring a woman’s face.

Client Success Stories: Reveal from the Center for Investigative Journalism

Illustration of cat hiding behind laptop.

Ghost Welcomes Setka Editor Integration

Quick, customizable design for beautiful, UX-driven posts

Illustration of the letter "a" on a mostly green background.

Export Your Layout Anywhere Using Setka’s New Design Cloud

Get code for your layouts to use on any site!

Illustration of person drawing and designing, representing good content design and great content experience.

Why your blog needs a post style — 4 ways to make your site stand out

What will make your online media resource or blog different from that of your competitors?