What Are Snippets + How to Create Them in Setka Editor

We show you how to speed up arranging complex material

Sergii Rodionov

Art director at Setka

A Snippet is a microtemplate. Frequently repeated elements like number tables, author comments, quotes, ‘photo of the day’, side notes or anything else can be a snippet. It all depends on the nature of the publication.

Setka Editor allows you to save these templates and use them multiple times in similar posts or posts in a series. To work out which snippets you need, analyze your publication or blog’s regular features and formats. For example, if you write about healthy lifestyles, you could create a snippet for recipes and exercise descriptions, and if you keep a blog about self-development, you could create a template for book reviews.

Below in the blue colored gif, repeated elements used in the feature ‘Recipes’ are selected, which are then saved as snippets in the publication The Village.

We’ll tell you how to make several universal templates, which can be useful for lots of types of posts.


It’s easy to make a quote template with dividers and an expressive font for the text (you can even draw your own original, custom speech marks).

As quotes are perhaps one of the most commonly recurring elements in publication layouts, it’s worth thinking more about developing your post identity.

To save several elements as a snippet, select each of them by using the Multiple selection tool (cmd + click), choose Add snippets from the menu and click Save elements as Snippet.

 Numbered side notes

Side notes can contain various information such as numbers, facts and links to material related to the topic. They can also provide useful tips and emphasize key information. Like with quotes, it’s better to avoid repeating the text itself in side notes. For example, on mobile devices, where everything is read in one scroll, it would be uncomfortable for the reader to return to information, which was introduced in an earlier paragraph.

 Expert comments

These templates are well suited for articles that rely on specialists’ opinion. For example, if you write a blog about personal productivity, you can use a comment snippet for articles containing advice, and if you manage a local publication, they can be used for news features with experts’ opinions.

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