Setka Becomes WordPress VIP Technology Partner

Setka Editor is now one of 14 partners, and we’ve prepared our tool to work with Gutenberg

In May 2018, Setka joined the list of Technology Partners on the WordPress VIP platform — an exclusive group of 14 tools including Yoast, Facebook’s Instant Articles, Getty Images, JW Player and others.

Setka Editor was among the first plugins ready to release with the new version of WordPress, including Gutenberg compatibility. Thanks to active collaboration with the technical team behind Gutenberg, we have already prepared a version of the plug-in that will work with both the current version of WordPress and the upcoming version 5.0 that contains the block editor.

We have participated in WordPress events as participants, sponsors, and speakers. We have always been pleased to be part of such an open and advanced community. Today we are starting a new chapter of joint work; we’ve joined WordPress VIP, a service platform for major publishers and brands. For us, this is confirmation that the Setka product and code meet the compatibility, performance, and quality requirements of a top-tier tool, and that the plugin is ready to work with robust, large-scale projects. 

Kate Bazilevskaya

Co-founder & CEO at Setka

We have developed the Setka Editor block, which can be added to the page along with any other blocks. The Editor — a 100% WYSIWYG editor in which all changes can be made in real time by a designer or editor, allowing them to work with grids, backgrounds, animations, corporate styles, and more — remains a self-sufficient tool for creating beautiful layouts.

To celebrate our new partnership, Setka was excited to participate in the VIP Workshop, the annual conference that took place from May 14 to 17, 2018 in Napa (California, USA). Katya Bazilevskaya, CEO of Setka, spoke about visual storytelling and how to create a design for editorial and proprietary content in a multi-platform environment, juggling custom CMS, Facebook Instant, Apple News, Google AMP, Snapchat Discover and other formats.

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