March 9, 2022

Minor improvements and bug fixes.


February 15, 2022

Quick Add

The Quick Add menu lets you add a new element in one click. It’s now much faster to add an element before or after the grid and even within nested grids.

Improved cursor behavior when clicking between elements

It’s now much easier to work with text and non-text elements, through the elimination of all the non-functional areas in a content view.

3.1.7 – 3.1.8

November 22, 2021

Minor improvements and bug fixes.


October 25, 2021

Minor improvements and bug fixes.


October 12, 2021

An easier way to select a grid

In addition to using the breadcrumbs to select a grid with columns, you can select the grid by clicking in the gap between columns.

Minor improvements and bug fixes.


September 30, 2021

Improved runtime performance

Working with long posts with advanced design and a lot of visual elements is now a much improved experience.

3.1.0 – 3.1.2

August 24, 2021

HOTSPOTS lets you add contextual pop-ups with rich content (text, images, buttons, links, icons, and more) to any image. It encourages engagement, interaction with your content, and conversions. Select an image within your content, click the ‘Add Hotspot’ button, and insert either text or an element available in the right panel. Learn more in our Help Center article.

3.0.10 — 3.0.14

July 30, 2021

  • Drag-and-drop release for Gutenberg 
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes
  • Improved input control for Footnotes’ content

3.0.4 — 3.0.10

June 17, 2021

Minor improvements.


March 18, 2021

Drag and drop lets you move any element or selection through the post using the drag handle. Also try the new multi-select feature that lets you click and drag across multiple elements to quickly select them.

Also, put all selected elements into a single grid with just a click (pressing Shift is no more required).

Learn more in our Help Center article.

2.16.2 — 2.16.3

Updated grids’ and columns’ appearance in the upper menu.


Search and upload GIFs from Giphy. Choose downsized or original file size.

* To use this option you must support .gif files in you platform.

2.15.5 — 2.15.15

Minor improvements and bug fixes.

2.15.0 — 2.15.4

2.14.0 — 2.15.0

Updated the gallery component interface.

2.11.23 — 2.11.28

Minor improvements and bug fixes.

2.11.18 — 2.11.22

Improved adding content inside, before and after grids:

  • Add paragraph after grid with ⌘+↵ (Ctrl+↵ for Windows) or double ↵ in the last empty paragraph inside the grid column
  • Add paragraph before grid with ⌘+⌥+↵ (Ctrl+⌥+↵ for Windows)
  • Add multiple paragraphs within the same column with ⌥+↵

Post performance optimization

To optimize the size of public.js file we don’t include a polyfill for ResizeObserver and Web Animations API into it by default. If visitor’s browser does not support any of these APIs, public.js will automatically load the polyfill from Setka CDN before initialization.

Allowed pasting images from the operation system in Safari browser.

2.11.14 — 2.11.17

Minor improvements and bug fixes.


July 24 2020 г.

It became easier to insert any element inside the post — in the case when no one paragraph is selected, the element is automatically inserted to the end of the post content.


July 10, 2020

Improved the display of the number of columns inside the grid in the breadcrumbs in the options panel. Started showing the exact number of columns and their proportions.


June 23, 2020

Adjust How Animations (and More!) Show Up on Mobile

  • To prevent that, we’ve added the option to select whether you want each of your desktop animations to show up on mobile or not. In the animations menu, simply toggle on or off the “show animations on mobile” option. Turn them all off, keep them all on, or keep some for visual interest without overwhelming people. Play around and peek at your mobile preview to see what works.

  • Advanced designers can take things even further with the new ability to insert custom CSS specifically for mobile or desktop. Using this feature, you can do everything from make a slight change—like adjusting an indent for mobile—to creating significantly different designs for each device.



April 01, 2020

Sticky. Keep important content elements in view with new sticky animations. Learn when the sticky effect is especially useful.

2.9.5 — 2.9.12

Minor improvements and bug fixes.


January 9, 2020

Keep grid layout on mobile devices with our new setting (Mobile Settings -> Mobile view -> Columns).


December 4, 2019

Design Cloud pagely PDF export. Insert page break, preview how the pagely PDF will look like in a separate tab in the editor preview, and export the file on your email. You can show or hide particular elements for PDF export format, customize indents from the top of the page.

* The feature is available only for the posts created in your account on


December 4, 2019

Footnotes. Add a footnote to any phrase in a post. Insert a text, image, icon or embed, and lastly customize its appearance. Popup footnote works on any devices.

Learn more, how to insert a footnote into a post and customize it.


October 4, 2019

Insert a button into your post and enter a link. You can customize style of a button in


August 26, 2019

Your WordPress Media Library images are now available in Setka Editor! You can start uploading images right from there.


August 8, 2019

Now you can edit your images right in Setka Editor. Optimize your images with basic edits like crops, rotations, brightness, and tint alterations – right within our interface. Read more.


July 22, 2019

Added animation that starts when scrolling.


July 08, 2019

Improved Enhance Symbols feature.


June 27, 2019


  • Text colors
  • Bottom indents
  • Inner indents
  • Horizontal and vertical alignment
  • Hide/show elements

Read more in our Help Center.


June 10, 2019

Long dashes, quotation marks, non-breaking spaces, and beyond; the flow of text depends on so many elements that seemingly go unnoticed. But when they’re off – even by a little – a reader knows.

That’s why we created a new feature for the Setka Editor toolbox: Enhance Symbols, which lets you beautify a variety of textual elements like dashes, quotation marks, and non-breaking spaces with the touch of a button. Hyphens become em dashes, special characters like copyright and trademark symbols are instantly converted, and any typographical sloppiness or typos like double punctuation are automatically eliminated.

Read more in our Help Center.

2.2.2 — 2.2.3

Minor improvements and bug fixes.


April 19, 2019

You can choose to apply a range of eye-catching animations to any visual or textual element within their grid in just a couple of clicks. Our templates offer effects with pre-configured parameters, meaning you won’t have to change any settings manually – unless you want to, of course. 

2.1.8 — 2.1.12 

Minor improvements and bug fixes.


March 18, 2019

Thanks to a new integration with Unsplash, Setka Editor users with paid plans will be able to access a vast wealth of imagery right from within the editor interface.


March 13, 2019

Improved custom components API.


March 6, 2019

Minor fixes in elements’ appearance (tiny selection border of paragraphs etc.) and behavior.


February 27, 2019

Minor fixes in custom components API.


February 26, 2019

Redesign. We made the interface look more lightweight, rounded the corners, added our branded colors and interface elements within the material design system. Now we  have the save field to insert both embed link and embed code.


February 5, 2019

Minor improvements.


February 4, 2019

Added fullscreen mode. You can find the fullscreen mode icon in the right corner of the upper menu:


January 30, 2019

Minor improvements.


January 25, 2019

Intercom chat in Setka Editor. To start Intercom chat with our support team click on “?” sign and then on the “Support” link.


January 16, 2019

Minor improvements.


December 27, 2018

Fixed shift+enter option for list item.


December 26, 2018

Fixed “copy grid” option in the context menu.


December 25, 2018

  • Choose the interface language (English or Russian) in the bottom menu.
  • Tables (NEW feature!). You can add tables from the right menu. You can change styles (borders, background and text format) and column width and choose mobile view. Tables should not be used for multicolumn layout creation, use Grids instead in this case. Tables are not available on Free plan.
  • Improved undo/redo operations with different types of content.
  • Improved productivity for operations with large texts (copy and paste, text styles, etc.)


November 27, 2018

Resolved compatibility issues with WordPress 5.0 and it’s Gutenberg post editing page.

1.18.1 — 1.18.4

Minor bug fixes and improvements.


April 24, 2018

Added bullet and numbered lists. You can customize your list in the Style custom CSS in your account on

1.17.5 — 1.17.16

Minor bug fixes and improvements.


September 27, 2017

Post Templates help to produce beautiful stories fast. Whether you are a big publisher with a lot of daily and weekly categories or a business with a list of defined formats for your blog, you will love post templates.

When you create a new post in Setka Editor, you can start by selecting a suitable post template. You will only have to fill it with new content.

You can save a post as a template and it means saving its layout and structure, content, grid systems, number of columns and content width. You will be able to re-use post templates anytime you want. This will half the time you and your team spend on designing your stories.

Now you can also group snippets in categories that suit you. You can gather quotes, photo blocks, author portraits and select the relevant snippet when you are designing the post. Select a snippet group when you save a snippet and manage snippet groups in your account in Style Manager.


August 31, 2017

Better image management inside the post — show or hide image caption, replace images with one click and see them in actual size.


August 17, 2017

New collaborative features available on Pro Team plan. You can leave a comment in the post, reply to your teammates and resolve comments when they become obsolete. Users are also able to send notifications to each other.

1.14.6 — 1.14.9

Minor bug fixes and improvements.


June 26, 2017

Added Smart Design Tools feature to the onboarding tooltips.


June 23, 2017

We are taking our first step towards data and algorithm-driven design with the launch of our Smart Design Tools. Today we have released two of them – Smart Layout and Smart Quotes.

It can be a bit tricky and time-consuming to start creating complex layouts right away. Smart Layout will suggest three layout options for each set of elements. To start using Smart Layout you need to have Smart Design Tools turned on and have at least one text symbol in your post and no grids inserted by yourself.

Smart Quotes sign appears with text selection and tranforms a plain text into an automatically designed and generated quote. Smart Quotes are available in all Styles.


June 19, 2017

Embed that was pasted via a link now will be automatically rendered in the post editor.


June 14, 2017

You can embed YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo, Facebook and the other major providers just pasting the link.

Pro and Enterprise clients can insert embed both by link and via the embed-code.

Read more

1.12.2 — 1.12.3

Minor bug fixes and improvements


May 11, 2017

New features and improvements:

Scrolling positions in the Edit and in the Preview modes are now synchronized (both for the desktop and for the mobile previews)

Undo / Redo buttons (now you can do that not from the context menu only)

Although Setka Editor was designed to be used on a desktop, text selection is now available on mobile devices as well: correct a typo fast and easily. For the desktop usage we fixed text selection with Shift + ← and →

🔥 Notifications when a new Editor version is released

Bug fixes:

Characters of the embed-code aren’t included in the total characters count

No excessive empty paragraphs after the post grid system is changed

Fix ADD SNIPPET and UPLOAD IMAGE buttons while scrolling Snippets and Images panels

Better reset of Setka Editor post styles from any external styles (WordPress ones or other)