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What Will Content Experiences Look Like in a Post-Covid World?

Last year we tapped the brains of some of the best designers, editors, content marketers, and other creatives in the industry to get their insights into the state of visual storytelling and how content creators can stay ahead of upcoming trends.

There was so much incredible insight from the folks we all wish could mentor us, such as:

Invest early on, come up with a visual identity, and decide that imagery matters as much as the words

John Collins, Director of Content at Intercom on not leaving your visual design to the last minute

There’s so much visual pollution online – you have to find a way to engage from a design standpoint

Amy Hatch, Head of Content and Editorial at SAP on why they invest in custom illustrations for every piece

You don’t need to have a whole team of developers to make design work

Steve Pearson, Head of Visual Storytelling at GET Creative, USA Today on how technology is making good content design more accessible than ever

…and so much more

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Obviously, a lot about our world has changed since then and, in turn, a lot has changed when it comes to the needs of readers. So, we’re going back to our original experts, along with others we admire in the biz, to see what they think the world of content looks like from here on out and create a new version of our report for this new reality.

Which of their original predictions still hold true?

What tenants of content experience do we need to pay even more attention to than before—and which should we let go of to adapt to this new reality?

What new possibilities has this crisis given us?