Convert your Shoppers

Get the most out of Magento—improve conversion by using Magefan Extension with Setka Editor.


Magefan Extension x Setka Editor

Why choose Magefan?

Full integration with Magento—one CMS for shop and blog management.

1. Jumpstart your eCommerce blog

  • Add posts, categories, tags, authors, comments
  • Use best SEO features for high conversions out of the box: Meta tags, Canonical URL, Open Graph
  • Add internal cross-links: related posts & products, archive, resent, featured, most popular posts

2. Easily distribute your blog posts

  • Get support for multilingual and multi-website for easy content distribution
  • Blog Import for one-step migration from other platforms.
  • Share to Facebook via Automatic Publication
  • Use Rest API and GraphGL endpoints for convenient mobile app implementation

Magefan Extension x Setka Editor

Design better end-to-end experiences for shoppers

Capture your audience’s attention and boost conversions by creating unique layouts, adding interactive animations, and media without having to code.

You have only 1 second to capture attention. 38% of customers will leave your page if it has a poor layout design.


Get content instantly optimized for mobile and faster load speed

Deliver engaging, visual-first content while scoring high in LightHouse.

Get +2% to conversion for every 1 second of improved performance.


Scale-up content production without
additional resources

No matter what the use case is: branded content, blogs, product pages or lookbooks, Setka Editor is like having a whole team of designers creating engaging experiences.

Works seamlessly with your current

Setka Editor fully integrates with Magento and the Magefan theme, meaning there is no risk of breaking any of your existing layouts. It can be used alongside Magento widgets to integrate your product offering into your content marketing or to create content for Progressive Web Apps.

Since working with Setka Editor, we’ve seen our bounce rate go down by 84%, a 14% increase in homepage traffic, and average session duration up by 127%.

— Communication Leader at Decathlon



How it works


Download Magefan Extension

Follow the LINK to get the extension and enter MagefanSetka at the checkout to get 25% off on any Magefan’s blog editions. Email if you have any questions. 


Setka Editor

Subrscribe to a Monthly or Annual plan. Enter Magefan85 at the checkout to get 85% off on Setka Editor PRO.


Start using Setka Editor’s integration with Magefan

Take your e-commerce blog design to the next level to convert more of your shoppers.