The Business Value of Editorial UX

Years of research prove that great design is crucial to the success of any digital publisher`s online presence and content experience.


of consumers learn about a company through a blog or online publication

Content Marketing Institute

Consistent brand presentation across all platforms increases revenue by up to



admit to judging a company`s credibility based on its website design

Stanford Persuasive
Technology Lab


Percent of users will stop interacting with a website if the layout is unattractive


Articles with a visual every


words receive 2x as many social shares as articles with less


times faster we process visuals than text


Companies work hard on their visual aesthetic, so there’s no reason not to pull it through all messaging and content marketing formats. But by that, we mean more than just pasting in your logo and applying color scheme.

Great design doesn`t have to be intimidating. With easy-to-use tools like Setka Editor, anyone can create magazine-quality content online — quickly and easily, and without having to code.

According to studies from the Neilsen Norman Group (NN/g), it takes less than a second for users to make an initial judgement about a webpage or piece of content they land on. That means first impressions matter — and an extraordinary design experience is a surefie way to attract, engage, and convert.

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