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Our main goal when developing this tool was pairing up simplicity, convenience and an intuitive interface with a rich functionality. The control panel follows the user throughout the article, so that they don’t have to scroll up or down to find it. They can easily understand what the final result will look like: an article in the editing mode has almost no difference from final the article.

Single or multiple images can be uploaded to the media panel, inserted into the text (again, one by one or all at once) edge-to-edge or with a margin. If an article has multiple images embedded, they automatically form a slide-show. Embedded elements (music and video players) can be uploaded from almost any hosting platform and then edited. In addition lazy loading optimizes browser performance when the article contains multiple embedded elements.

Layouts of any complexity can be created due to the block structure of the grid. Articles can be easily displayed on different devices, benefiting from the adaptive nature of the layout. Backgrounds (colors or pictures) can be applied to tablets and smartphones. The adjustable paragraph, table, image, and separator margins allow vertical layout control.

Any number of fonts with selectable colors. An independent menu for separators: no need to embed them as a picture or to be limited with the standard black horizontal line. Another small but neat and recognizable detail for visual identity: unique icons for every publication. One-click “special block” embedding, which allows to insert hard to design but frequently used elements, all that is left is to fill in the text.

Adapting new articles for mobile devices is as quick and easy as handling the desktop ones. To adjust the article, the designers choose one of the three simple transformation types for certain elements. The result of this choice can be previewed in a separate window.

All publications within the Look At Media media company group (we have five of them: Look At Me, The Village, FURFUR, Hopes&Fears, Wonderzine) use the Arcticle editor with their own visual identity style. But the designer’s options are not limited to the standard editing tools: customization could be used in cases when common methods cannot be applied.



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