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Do you wish you could have that magazine-like layout? Or maybe you would like to create unique sponsored posts that will wow your readers? Setka Editor can make your most elaborate content dreams come true. Every blog can be a new experiment with the form. No coding skills necessary.

Interactive Design

Easily add a level of interactivity and increase the time readers spend  with your content. Add animation, anchors or full width and background images on the fly to make your posts more engaging.


Structure your content, dramatically improve readability and gain perfect control over every element on your page in just a few seconds with the grid system


Choose from hundreds of Google Fonts, connect your Adobe TypeKit or upload your own fonts

Around 53% of visitors to an article will leave before reaching 15 seconds of engagement on the page.

When pressed for time, 59% of global consumers crave beautiful design over simplicity.

Сreate regular content faster.

Customize easier.

Want to stop messing around with CSS and HTML or wasting hours on designing daily posts from scratch every time with page builders? We get it. Setka Editor will help you save time and focus on the creative tasks.

Reusable design elements

With Setka Editor you can save your most used elements as snippets and re-use them at a click of a button. Save elements like quotes, authors, sidenotes or even entire post layouts.

Post Styles

Pre-define your header formats, fonts, colors, dividers and icons to create your own in our Style Manager. Change the size, weights, letter spacing and line heights. We also have 5 amazing pre made styles to satisfy any taste.


Smart Design Tools use algorithms to analyze patterns and different content elements to make layout recommendations.

Setka Editor is functional, beautiful, and super-engaging. It’s everything and more I’ve ever dreamt about as a creator of content aimed at millennial audience in an artistically-minded community. At a reasonable price you can suddenly compete with magazines that built their websites with venture capital. I love it!

Katarina Hybenova

Editorial director, founder, CEO Bushwick Daily

Bring beautiful content to any device

You will never have to worry about being mobile-friendly. Setka Editor automatically adapts your post design for mobile and autoscales images. If you would like to further customize it, you can set specific text formats and fonts for desktop, tablet and mobile. Optimize your post load time by choosing not to use background images on mobile. Preview your post instantly to see what they would look like on different devices.

Setka Editor is a WordPress content editor that offers one of the quickest ways to create beautifully designed content that I’ve encountered.



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Reliable and secure

Feel confident and at ease, knowing that we got you covered. Setka Editor was developed for publishers by publishers. We know what problems and frustrations are associated with designing outstanding content on a daily basis. That’s why we are adding new amazing features every month.

Setka Editor is beautiful inside our – we made sure our code is squeaky clean.

We tested Setka Editor while working on special projects with over 900 international brands.

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