Why Setka Editor?

Customize without Coding

Setka Editor allows you or your content team to create unique layouts and styles without having to code. This means less stress for you and more time for your developers to focus on important tasks.

However, if you do want to customize even further you can add more code. Setka Editor enables you to add custom CSS,  alter HTML or create your own re-usable elements called snippets.

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The highly visual front-end live editor of Setka Editor is something even a 10-year-old could easily understand and use.

Connect easily to any CMS

No need to move platforms. Setka Editor can be easily plugged into your existing CMS.

Our styles do not influence WordPress themes as they are independent of each other.

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If you ever wanted to design a different layout for your blog post without having to modify your theme’s files, then Setka Editor may just be the plugin you’re looking for. It doesn’t require any coding knowledge.

Designed to work at scale

We have developed Setka Editor inside Look At Media and use it in 4 of their publications. They create 2000+ posts per month and receive 7 million monthly visitors. We’ve also tested it with over 900 international brands.

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Clean, well structured and SEO friendly code with less nesting

Setka Editor is focused on proper code structure in line with HTML5 standards. Unlike PageBuilders, working within post content allows for a lower level of nesting. Less-nested HTML code means faster loading times.

Setka Editor properly uses header tags and adds alt text to all your images. It is compatible with Yoast and other WordPress SEO plugins.

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Save content even if you uninstall

Everything is saved as HTML code in your database. CSS files can be stored on your side or be delivered from Setka Editor CDN. This means that if you decide to uninstall the plugin, all of your content design will remain the same.

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I also love that there’s no lock-in — if you ever disable Setka Editor, it leaves behind clean HTML. No need to worry about shortcode chaos or anything.

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