Enhance content design to create a stunning reading experience and improve engagement


Say goodbye to the boring internal communications of yesterday, and instead connect with your team through engaging stories and pages, turning your organization’s news into something people actually look forward to reading.

Setka Editor makes it easy to create websites with magazine-quality design, allowing you to create an improved employee experience at every touchpoint and share information in more engaging ways than ever (without needing specialized skills or adding a ton of extra work).


Engage your team in new ways

Whether you’re trying to collaborate within your team or create a communication site to share important company content, Setka Editor will transform the process so you can create exceptional pages that your employees are excited to look at—without even having to code.

Incorporate your brand at every step

Make your company front and center with fully customizable content branding. Not only do you have control over branding basics like font styles and colours, but you can also customize smaller elements like captions and icons so your company’s visual brand voice can really shine through.

Update your site in a snap

All those custom templates plus Setka Editor’s easy-to-use interface and massive built-in toolbox will make building and updating a beautiful site a breeze. Achieve more (and better) company communication in less time than ever.

Easily add interactive elements

Make it easy and enjoyable for your team to navigate long content pages with easy-to-add interactive elements like animations, embedded videos, anchor links to direct people around the page, and pop-up footnotes for additional context. Your site will look and feel more modern than you can imagine. 

Make it mobile friendly (without any work)

Most of your team will probably browse your site on their phones at some point, so you want a site that’s just as sleek and easy-to-navigate there. Setka Editor creates an automatic responsive layout optimized for mobile viewing with no work on your part.


Setka Editor has plenty of other features to create beautiful content that inspires your team and clearly communicates information, including:

Easy team collaboration with multiple users and in-editor comments

Instant preview for web and mobile

Fully adjustable content width for every element on your page to suit your brand aesthetic

Custom post templates and micro-templates for smaller elements on the page

Varied backgrounds for part of all of your site

Pop-up footnotes for quickly giving readers additional context

Google fonts, Adobe fonts, and custom fonts to match your brand style

Easy-to-add tables within the editor for sharing company data and other updates with your team

Enhanced symbols for quickly optimizing spaces, special characters, punctuation marks to make sure your content looks sleek and reads easily

Custom Style Manager to save different post styles for easy content branding in the future

In-editor image editing for quick crops, lighting tweaks, tints, and more.

Robust help center, blog and SPECIAL PUBLICATION to teach you best practices, and live support seven days a week