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Engaging Design


The editor lets you change the animation’s movement, scale and transparency. Сontrol the opacity level, duration, start and delay of the animation.

Micro-templates (snippets)

Create and reuse your own micro-templates for your publication’s style: quotes, side notes, dividers, etc.

Icons library

Upload your own icon sets for posts or find icons in the Noun Project library and change their colors so they suit your style.

Backgrounds for any element

Add a background to the whole post, a separate grid or any other element. Set the background using a picture, color, or code. Use various background effects.

Anchor links

Use anchors to create interactive posts or easy navigation through your long-read posts.

Smart Design Tools

Smart Design Tools use algorithms to analyze patterns and different content elements to make layout recommendations.

Smart layout

Choose the best layout for your post by accepting Smart Layout recommendations.

Smart quotes

Transform plain text into a quote at the click of a button.

Effective Design and Layouts


Embrace grid systems, create layouts using 2-12 columns, set the spacing between columns and indents.

Adjustable post width

Choose the width that suites your publication’s style. Use images or backgrounds that take the full width of the post.

Alignment and indents

Easily set the horizontal and vertical alignment and indents for the content in the editor.

Quick preview of the post

See how the post will look on different devices.

Copy paste

Move blocks, copy and paste with saved styles.

Context menu

Copy, add and delete elements and change the grid with the help of context menu by right-clicking on the mouse.

Undo / Redo buttons

Switch between the versions of the post in one click.

Hot keys

Change content styles and highlight items quickly using hot buttons.

Team collaboration

Everything you need to work effectively in a team. Add multiple teammates, set user rights, leave and resolve comments inside a post.

Visuals and Multimedia

Adding and scaling images

Insert images into a post/a grid or use it as a background. Find the right size for your photos and illustrations.

Photo Gallery

Use a built-in slider for images.

Embed videos from Youtube, Vimeo and Coub

Responding to displaying content in any size.

Image storage

Download and delete images directly in the editor.

Style Manager

Post styles

Make a single style for regular content and create additional styles for special occasions.

Google fonts

Choose from hundreds of free fonts from Google Fonts library.

Adobe typekit

Add Adobe Typekit fonts by entering your Typekit API Key.

Custom fonts

Upload a WOFF file of any font from your collection.

Custom font style settings

Add custom size, color or highlight settings for italic and bold typefaces.

Mobile-friendly design

Adapted for mobile devices

Use the ready mobile version or customize the type of posts on different devices.

Customization for mobile

See the preview to learn how the post looks like on mobile devices, set individual styles for grids and fonts for mobile.

Instant preview

Use preview for layouts and scroll it in Setka Editor easily (both desktop and mobile versions are synced).

SEO Help

SEO ready

The code that is generated by the editor is created with the SEO requirements in mind.

ALT attributes support

You can specify keywords for images. It positively affects search engine optimization.

Advanced features

Multisite support

Integrate Setka Editor with multiple sites if you need different styles for a number of different publications/brands.

Multiple style managers

Different sets of Styles can be delivered to different domains (for example, if you are developing several sites where post pages look completely different).

Semantic layout

Correct tags in the right places.

Custom CSS

Design any element, grid, post or whole style with a special CSS.

Element ID assignment

Mark any item with an identifier to manage its properties.

Insert any HTML/Javascript

Use the embed tool to add any code to the page.

Viewing the result in HTML

Check HTML code of your post and edit it if needed.

CDN delivery and compression

Setka WP plugin adds 2 CDN links for public.js and theme.css to post view page. Adding these links will not affect the initial load of page content. External CSS affects only the final page rendering speed. The more complex it is and the longer it is. That’s why we use CDN and compression.

The possibility of integration into custom CMS

If you have your own CMS, we will help you to integrate it with Setka Editor.


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Tips and tricks

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Automatic updates

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