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A range of simple and intuitive tools for daily publishing, special campaigns and beyond.


Content Branding

Post Styles

Create multiple, easy-to-access styles for varying content formats and all sorts of posts.

Custom Micro-Templates

Create and reuse your own custom micro-templates (we call them Snippets) for quotes, side notes, dividers, captions, icons, and more.

Google Fonts

Pick from over 900 free fonts in our Google Fonts Library selection.

Adobe Fonts

Add Adobe Fonts by entering your Adobe Fonts API Token.

Custom Fonts

Use fonts from your own collection by uploading WOFF files.

Custom Font Styles and Settings

Choose distinct sizing, colors, or highlights for italic and bold typeface settings in desktop and mobile views.

Icon Library

Upload icons or download directly from the Noun Project Library. Change colors to suit your own style and brand personality.

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Setka Basics

Design Cloud

Design Cloud makes it possible to create beautiful posts without relying on a CMS. Resulting HTML can be exported to any third-party site or platform.


Add multiple users to your posts, set varying user rights, and communicate through comments.

Instant Preview

See how your post looks on desktop and mobile simultaneously with a single click or hotkey.


Set desired spacing and create layouts of 2 to 16 columns using Setka’s modular grid system.

Alignment and Indents

Set your content’s margins, gutters, and horizontal and vertical alignments to your liking.

Image Storage

Upload images to your media library directly within Setka Editor.


Change content styles and easily select items with hotkeys or shortcuts.

Context Menu

Edit any element of your post by right-clicking into the context menu.


Revert unwanted edits with a single click.


Interactive Design


Alter your animation’s movement, scale, and opacity level. Control its duration, delay, and how it appears on-screen with automated presets.

Free Images

Source free, high-quality images from Unsplash right within the Setka Editor interface — or upload your own.

Embed Videos

Copy in any kind of embed code to display video content at whatever size you choose.

Varied Backgrounds

Add a background to a whole post, separate grid, or other defined element. Include images, color blocks, or even custom code for unique backdrops.

Anchor Links

Create interactive posts with anchor links for easy navigation through long-reads and content pages.

Scale Images

Alter the size of your photos and illustrations, or apply them in full-width.

Photo Gallery

Use our built-in slider to create image galleries.

Adjustable Content Width

Adjust image, paragraph, and background widths to suit your publication’s style and brand aesthetic.

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Mobile Design

Responsive Layout

Use Setka Editor’s automated mobile layout for optimized viewing, or customize posts for mobile views.

Mobile layout customization

Set distinct styles for mobile-view grids and fonts.

Instant Preview

Check the synced preview to instantly see how your post displays on mobile.

AMP for Wordpress

Setka Editor for WordPress is 100% AMP-ready, ensuring faster load times on desktop and mobile.


SEO Best Practices

SEO Ready

Setka Editor-generated code is created with attention to SEO requirements.

ALT Attributes Support

Specify image keywords for a positive impact on search engine optimization.



Success Acceleration

Our design and content usability teams are on-call for consultations, management, and other helpful services.

Help Center

Everything you need to know about Setka Editor with useful tips, guidelines, and how-to’s.

Premium Support

We respond to all customer questions, 7 days a week. Contact us here or use the live chat right within our interface.

Tips and Tricks

Find design tips, product updates, case studies, and company news on Setka Blog.

Valuable Content

Explore the world of editorial experience design and the impact it can have on your business, branding, and content marketing efforts on Áccent.

Automatic Updates

We’re constantly improving and adding new features to make sure you’re working with the very best version of Setka Editor.

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