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Setka Editor partners with the best and integrates with any CMS to transform the way people create and consume content.


WordPress is one of the world’s leading CMS platforms. Setka Editor is proud to be a WordPress plugin and VIP Technology Partner, featured among a shortlist of groundbreaking companies like Facebook and Getty Images, named “the biggest and most ubiquitous technologies driving the web today.


Director of Strategic Partnerships - VIP

"Setka Editor puts power directly into the hands of editors and designers to create stunning content with beautiful features — without much extra effort (and without always having to rely on developers)."


Companies and media organizations like Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Tesla, Amnesty International, BBC, NBC, and others use Drupal as a free, open-source CMS and web development platform. Thanks to our custom integration, they can use the Setka Editor module to easily apply extraordinary design to their content efforts.


Ghost powers all kinds of publishing efforts with a customizable PaaS solution. With over 1.3 million installs to date, the non-profit’s minimal editor is making more room for better design. Users with access to Setka Editor’s Content Design Cloud can create unique layouts that transform any writing into a stunning piece of visual-first content.


Head of Marketing at Ghost

"Setka Editor is a fantastic tool for publishers who want to add art direction to their editorial content — we’re excited to be working with their team. We were able to set up a seamless integration using the clean HTML exports available in Setka, which are fully supported in Ghost. This provides Ghost users with an engaging way to transform their content into visual storytelling, without needing to write a line of code."


Magento makes it possible for brands and retailers to create the online store of their dreams with an open-source eCommerce platform written in PHP, along with a SaaS Cloud-powered Enterprise solution. And with our new Setka Editor extension, you can design beautiful product pages and blog posts to engage and convert your readers into customers.


Setka Editor for WordPress is 100% AMP-ready, allowing elements like animations, imagery, video, and beyond to load faster than ever before. And, thanks to Google Fonts Library, our users can choose from over 900 fonts right inside Setka Editor's Style Manager.


South East Asia Web Lead

"Setka Editor makes it easy for brands and publishers to build interactive, beautiful, and fast-loading content without having to code at all. After integrating with AMP for WordPress, their client’s AMP version looks identical, but loads so much faster - not only on mobile [5 seconds faster], but also on desktop [6.3]."

Adobe Fonts

Alongside uploading any custom fonts, Adobe users can also enter their Adobe Fonts API Tokens for instant access to their collections within Setka’s Style Manager.

The Noun Project

Browse through millions of free, downloadable icons right within Setka Editor’s Style Manager, or upload your own to use while working in the interface.


Our partnership with Unsplash makes it possible for Setka Editor users to source and embed free, top-quality stock photography without ever leaving the interface.

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