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Our Tiny tools help others
lead their markets

Our Tiny tools help others lead their markets

Setka is part of the world’s most trusted content authoring and designing toolbox. Many of those tools are trusted and embedded in applications you use every day, from LinkedIn to Visa – with our TinyMCE authoring tool being downloaded one million times a month. Right now, there’s tens of thousands of market-leading applications powered by Tiny, globally.

Part of our ongoing work to solve big content problems with
Tiny solutions, is that we’re always looking for ways to help
our partners succeed. We’ve helped SaaS companies, large enterprises and content creation publishers build and scale their own business, as well as their users.

By joining our Partnership Program, you can help power your client’s success

Setka Editor is an incredibly accessible tool for publishers that are interested in presentation and want to empower designers – or even non-designers – to do more with visual storytelling.

Michael Grant

Founder of Get Current Studio

Setka took content development time from 100% to 10%, which is really cool.

Brian Ausburger

Storyteller at Scroll Studio

Which program fits you best?

It should support your growth goals

Becoming a Setka Partner opens new revenue streams, offers commissions and collaborations. Explore our Partner Programs, find the one that’s right for you, and let’s start growing together. We’ll be there with you, when you need our help. Setka is loved and used by Miro, ebay, Inc., KPMG, L’Oreal and Decathlon.

Ranked #1 in Editor Software for Best Support

Ranked #1 in Editor Software for Easy to Use

RANKED #1 in Editor Software in category “Leader”

Technology Program

Setka’s community of Technology Partners purposefully transform the way people create and consume content.

Does this sound like you?

  • You offer platforms, tools, and services in the content creation, management, or editing spaces
  • Your users create content on a regular basis
  • You see potential in co-marketing / co-selling or integration collaborations with Setka
  • You aim to provide the latest innovations to users
  • You’re looking for additional growth and distribution opportunities
  • You’d like to improve your users’ success and reduce their churn rate by providing more powerful and flexible content creation tools

What benefits do you receive?

  • Entice new types of users with extensible content design and functionality
  • Receive commissions every time one of your users signs up for a Setka plan
  • Integration support, co-marketing resources, and joint go-to-market strategy planning

Technology Partner Ecosystem

Join a growing ecosystem of technology partners who love Setka

Agency Partner Program

Our Agency Partners are mostly likely to be content, marketing or digital agencies.

Does this sound like you?

  • You work with clients who create a lot of content (landing pages, ebooks, branded content campaigns, and blog posts)
  • You strive to provide clients with the latest technology
  • You care about page performance (plus SEO), not just great design
  • You care about creating content that builds demand and conversions
  • You provide solutions/platforms for a seamless production process and custom designs
  • You aim to always deliver high quality, engaging and interactive content
  • You’re looking for a platform that works with any CMS

What benefits do you receive?

  • Upgrade your clients content design and its performance by using the Setka
  • Build an additional value stream by providing extra clients services, like the creation of component libraries and design style packs
  • Earn generous commissions and rewards, for any Setka plan purchased by your clients

Content Influencer Program

Our Content Influencer Partners are most likely trusted influencers in content creation, content marketing or design, within their market.

Does this sound like you?

  • You have a blog or digital magazine with a loyal and engaged following
  • You’re a trusted influencer in content creation, content marketing, or design
  • You create branded content or promote tools you like and/or use
  • You are tech-savvy and strive to promote the latest technology
  • You care about great content design, engagement, and visual storytelling
  • You support content that builds demand and conversions

What benefits do you receive?

A complimentary Setka Partner license for your own content production, so you can feel confident in recommending us as a tool you use

Earn generous commissions for referring new customers to Setka

* Setka Partner Program is managed through a backend platform called PartnerStack.