Join Setka Team

to change how people approach content and empower them to make it more beautiful

Sales Manager

Moscow, Russia

Why Setka?

At Setka you will help build and develop digital media solutions that will change how people create and manage their content.

We are a dynamic team of innovative self starters. We appreciate diversity and interesting backgrounds. Our goal is to create an environment driven by trust and collaboration. We value a work-life balance where people work, play and grow together.

Setka is a fast growing company — we want every person involved to help take our products to the next level. At Setka we invest in personal and professional development to further our team’s success.

How we work?

 We want to deliver high quality products, technology and customer service.

 We believe in business agility. We are goal oriented but flexible in implementation, quickly adapting to change when necessary.

 We consider ourselves risk takers who like to take the road less traveled.

 We invest in professional growth and embrace imperfection.

 We look for passionate people, who are willing to change the status quo by using innovative technology and bringing new solutions to the marketplace.

 We value collaboration because we think problems get solved faster collectively.

 We stand for positive communication and give each team member the ability to express thoughts and ideas freely.

 We strive to maintain a high level of integrity amongst ourselves and with our customers by implementing an environment of trust and respect.

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