Setka Cloud Content API

Easy integration with API-first platforms
and frameworks

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How it works:

Setka Cloud Content API works seamlessly with all major static site generators: HUGO, NUXT, Gatsby, ReactStoreFront. It can also be deployed to AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Netlify and MOOVWEB XDN.

The value of the API-first approach

Develop innovative digital products combining superior user and engineering experience

Create a flexible and dynamic ecosystem to promote innovation

Integrate the decoupled backend and frontend with headless CMS

Use any modern scripting language for content creation

Deliver product updates faster

Develop the front-end with the framework of your choice

Build content automation delivery pipelines

Why choose Setka Cloud Content API?

A powerful pixel perfect WYSIWYG

Get a WYSIWYG content editor that already has a ton of functionality and knowledge built-in.

Developed based on editorial design’s best practices and 10 years of media development experience.

Fully customizable content layouts, animations, live previews, image editing, and galleries. Explore all Setka Editor features.

Solution trusted by the content ecosystem

Integrated natively or via an API with content platforms like WordPress, Drupal, Ghost, Hubspot, Magento, Microsoft SharePoint, and more.

Rated as a “High Performer” and a top 10 solution on G2 Crowd for WYSIWYG Editors, content experience, and content creation.

Used and loved by brands like eBay, L’Oreal, Decathlon and Esquire.

Built with SEO, performance and scalability in mind

Clean, well-structured, semantically correct, HTML5 ready output. Proper use of header tags and ALT text support.

Optimized assets (CSS, JS, images) for faster load, speed, and working with a large amount of content.

Setka’s granular data model allows you to store and output data in different formats (JSON/HTML).

Leverage an existing setup

Setka Cloud Content API reference includes all the information a developer needs to get started, presented cleanly and sensibly.

API payload has links to all assets allowing everything to be hosted within the existing infrastructure.

Advanced caching techniques provide an instant response of less than 200 ms.

Design better experiences with Setka Cloud Content API

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