Setka Editor + Ghost

Improved readability and engagement for the editorial content

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Content design without limits

Setka will give Ghost-using editors, publishers, and content creators across the board the power to put together superiorly structured articles that enhance readability and boost audience engagement — without the traditional need for code.

Add interactive elements

Animations, embedded videos, anchor links

Stay on-brand no matter what

Branded style and reusable templates ensure a consistent look and feel for every post on Ghost.

Multiple fully customizable Design Systems

for every use case

Custom no-code components

and templates

Improve performance and build mobile-ready content

Publish your content created in Setka to Ghost by pasting SEO friendly HTML code. Stop losing your audience due to poor page performance.

Proper code structure

and other optimizations get you faster load times and higher LightHouse scores

Setka Editor is a fantastic tool for publishers who want to add art direction to their editorial content — we’re excited to be working with their team. We were able to setup a seamless integration using the clean HTML exports available in Setka, which are fully supported in Ghost. This provides Ghost users with an engaging way to transform their content into visual storytelling, without needing to write a line of code.

Kym Ellis

Head of Marketing at Ghost

How it works

Sign-up for Setka Editor

Choose the plan that works best for you and register for an account at

Set up your visual identity

Before creating posts, you will need to configure your visual identity, grid systems, and reusable components in accordance with the Design System or brand guidelines. This process takes place in the Design System Manager, in your account. Your published Styles will become available in the Editor upon completion.

Create a Setka Editor post in Design Cloud

Design a beautiful post using Setka’s Design Cloud. Click export.png on the bottom right of the post preview and copy your post’s HTML code.

Paste the HTML code into Ghost editor and publish it.

Create a new post in Ghost editor with a new HTML block. Paste your HTML code inside.

That’s all there is to it!

Ghost allows you to copy your Setka Editor post HTML code directly into the HTML block, rendering your content with all your styles, visuals and designs.

Start designing better experiences with Setka Editor + Ghost

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