Setka Editor + Webflow

Improved readability and engagement for the editorial content

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Content design without limits

Setka will give Webflow-using editors, publishers, and content creators across the board the power to put together superiorly structured articles that enhance readability and boost audience engagement — all in a couple of clicks.

Add interactive elements

Increase the time readers spend with your content. Add animation, anchors, or full width and background images on the fly to make your posts more immersive.

More freedom with typography

Choose from hundreds of Google Fonts, connect your Adobe TypeKit or upload your own custom fonts.

Stay on-brand no matter what

Branded style and reusable templates ensure a consistent look and feel for every post on your Webflow project.

Multiple fully customizable Design Systems

for every use case

Reusable components

Create and save post templates and reusable design elements at the click of a button.

Improve performance and build mobile-ready content

Setka Editor automatically creates SEO friendly and mobile optimized posts. Stop losing your audience due to poor page performance.

Proper code structure

and other optimizations get you faster load times and higher LightHouse scores. Unlike many page builders, working within post content allows for a lower level of nesting.

Automatic responsive layout

optimized for mobile

Setka Editor integrates with Webflow through Zapier

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