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Simplify the creation of engaging,
repeatable content

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Streamlined, collaborative creative process

Setka gives editors, publishers, and content creators the power to conceive, design and execute superiorly structured articles. Readability is enhanced, interaction increased and audience engagement boosted by using Setka.

Create collaboratively

The Setka interface encourages optimized collaboration across editorial, design and other teams – and allows you to easily update layouts, or use branded templates without a designer’s involvement.

User permissions and inline comments

Add multiple users to your posts and leave comments as you’re working on the post.

Stay on-brand no matter what

Incorporate your branding within Setka’s customizable styles and reusable templates, ensure a consistent look and feel for every post on your Webflow project.

Multiple fully customizable Design Systems

to suit every use case.

Reusable components

Create and save post templates and reusable design elements at the click of a button.

Ranked #1 in Editor Software for Best Support

Ranked #1 in Editor Software for Easy to Use

RANKED #1 in Editor Software in category “Leader”

Content design without limits

Arrange text, images, and other visual elements into beautiful layouts.


Our grid system helps you structure your content, dramatically improve readability, and gain perfect control over every element on your page, in just a few seconds.

Add interactive elements

Increase the time readers spend with your content. Add animations, hotspots, anchors, or full width and background images on the fly to make your posts more interactive and immersive.

Improve performance and build mobile-ready content

Setka makes it easy and enjoyable for your customers to find and view your content – no matter where they’re located or the device they’re using.

Stop losing your audience due to poor page performance. Setka automatically creates SEO friendly and mobile optimized posts.

Proper code structure

and other optimizations built-in, that get you higher LightHouse scores. Unlike many post-builders, Setka works within your post content and allows for a lower level of nesting (which means faster loading times).

Automatic responsive layout

optimized for mobile

Instant preview

for web and mobile

Setka integrates with Webflow through Zapier

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Our Tiny tools help others lead their markets

Setka is part of the world’s most trusted content authoring and designing toolbox. Many of those tools are trusted and embedded in applications you use every day, from LinkedIn to Visa – with our TinyMCE authoring tool being downloaded one million times a month. Right now, there’s tens of thousands of market-leading applications powered by Tiny, globally.

We want to help you succeed too

Part of our ongoing work to solve big content problems with Tiny solutions, is that we’re always looking for ways to help our partners succeed. We’ve helped SaaS companies, large enterprises and content creation publishers build and scale their own business, as well as their users.