Setka + SharePoint

Design engaging internal comms without
having to code

Content design without limits

Setka transforms the content creation process, so you can arrange text, images, and other visual elements into beautiful layouts – without having to know (or use) any code, or deal with rigid templates.

Add interactive elements

Animations, hotspots, embedded videos and anchor links transform your organization’s internal news from ‘informational’ into something people look forward to reading

No-code customization of content

Incorporate your company branding within Setka’s customizable styles and reusable templates, to ensure a consistent look and feel for every published news page, or story

Multiple fully customizable Design Systems

to suit every use case

Custom no-code components

and templates for quotes, side notes, dividers, captions, icons, and more

Enjoy the streamlined and inclusive creative process

Setka not only helps you to design better, but also faster and collaboratively – no matter where your team members are located.

Manage Users & Permissions

Define clear roles and permissions for your team, to ensure everyone that’s needed is involved

Add Comments

Leave comments for your team members and collaborate throughout the content production process

Ranked #1 in Editor Software for Best Support

Ranked #1 in Editor Software for Easy to Use

RANKED #1 in Editor Software in category “Leader”

Supercharge your internal communications

With Setka you can create exceptional pages – that improve your employees’ experience at every touchpoint and share information in clearer, more engaging ways.

Ensure higher engagement

by creating magazine-quality pages without having to know or use code

Update your site in a snap

with custom templates, an easy-to-use interface and a massive built-in toolbox

Since working with Setka, we’ve seen our bounce rate go down by 84%, a 14% increase in homepage traffic, and average session duration up by 127%.

Communication Leader at Decathlon

Learn about how our new “co-sell ready” status with Microsoft will help more businesses use content to improve the employee experience.

Make your content mobile-friendly

Setka instantly makes every page mobile-ready – with no work on your end.

Automatic responsive layout

optimized for mobile

Instant preview

for web and mobile

How it works

Sign-up for Setka

Choose the plan that works best for you and set up an account at Copy the license key from the “CMS Integration” tab.

Add the Setka application to your SharePoint site

Upload the Setka web app from AppSource and follow the standard installation process. Setka works as a web-part, so visit a post or a news page and add Setka to a part of the page. Click the “Activate” button, then paste the license key into the necessary field on the “Property” panel.

Set up your visual identity

Before creating your first post, you need to configure your visual identity, grid systems, and reusable components – by setting up your brand guidelines.

This is done within the Design System Manager, in your account dashboard. Your published Styles will become available in the Setka interface, once you’ve completed your set up.

Start Designing

Once you’ve set up your visual identity, you can start designing your content.

Our Tiny tools help others lead their markets

Setka is part of the world’s most trusted content authoring and designing toolbox. Many of those tools are trusted and embedded in applications you use every day, from LinkedIn to Visa – with our TinyMCE authoring tool being downloaded one million times a month. Right now, there’s tens of thousands of market-leading applications powered by Tiny, globally.

We want to help you succeed too

Part of our ongoing work to solve big content problems with Tiny solutions, is that we’re always looking for ways to help our partners succeed. We’ve helped SaaS companies, large enterprises and content creation publishers build and scale their own business, as well as their users.