Simple design solutions for standout visual storytelling

Explore how designers, editors and marketers can use Setka Editor to create stunning visual-first content.

Daily Blog Production

With Setka Editor, content teams can use pre-designed templates and components to easily brand, style, and layout everything that gets published on their blog or digital publication. That makes for fast and efficient content production and work that has no excuse to not look amazing.


Head of Brand Experience

"Visual collaboration is our product’s central theme, so design is vital to everything we do. With Setka Editor, we’re limited only by our imaginations. We wanted our blog to be different, and this tool made that possible. We apply intriguing layouts, original illustrations, and other imagery to tell our stories in a way that no one else does. As a result, our blog has an impressive conversion rate and attracts high-quality leads."

Success story

Discover why Miro - a visual collaboration platform that powers 2 million users worldwide - relies on Setka Editor to power its design-driven company blog.


Branded Content

Whether you’re working on a new campaign or creating a dedicated site for a special content project, Setka Editor can be used to easily create a beautiful and interactive reading experience that boosts scroll depth, time spent on-page, and overall engagement.

Charmaine Tai

Editor and Content Strategist

"We like to keep our standard content visually separate from our special projects. Online, it's a rather standard format, with text and galleries interspersed. So the challenge is: how do you change it up? That's why Setka Editor comes in handy, as it has the tools to create something a little more interactive in terms of arranging paragraphs and images - and you can embed galleries, too, which is a big bonus for us."

Success story

Learn more about Robb Report Singapore’s Concourse Skyline Penthouse and how it came to life online with a special content destination fueled by Setka Editor.


Engaging Long-Reads

With easy animation effects and unique ways to visualize data and incorporate imagery, Setka Editor is the perfect solution for creating a piece of visual storytelling that keeps readers engaged and scrolling to the very end of an article.

Michael Grant

User Experience Design Editor

“Once we have our imagery established, we can really lean on Setka to help us optimize for long-form stories. The interface has been really powerful for streamlining our workflow so we can hit deadlines, and it’s a nice break from having to search through lines of code to make design changes. It’s great to be able to break from long strings of text and deliver visual assets that don’t require a lot of heavy lifting on our part.”

Success story

Reveal from the Center for Investigative Reporting’s visual-first article, “Caregivers and Takers” - designed with Setka Editor.

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Other solutions

Product Copy

Bring the beauty of print to any eCommerce page, post, or chunk of copy with the editorial experience design power of Setka Editor. Steal the spotlight by organizing product-driven content in a way that engages and directs the eye — all with ease and no need to code.


For sponsored content, Setka Editor’s components and premade styles make it easy to make use of any available brand design assets and color palettes, so you can deliver distinctive content no matter where you publish. Boost the company behind the content with visual elements that speak to the sponsor’s identity and a look that’s tailored to each distinct destination.


For companies that provide educational resources like tutorials, webinars, and online classes, engaging learners is key. And whether you work with audio, video, or mostly text, you need an attractive and thoughtfully laid-out page to promote and frame your offering. Setka Editor makes it possible and supports any kind of embeddable content.