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We were sad to hear that Storify is shutting down. As of December 12, no new accounts on Storify could be created. While existing users are able to continue to use the service, the site will officially close on May 16 2018.

Setka Stream is here

Setka Stream (previously Waterfall, acquired by Setka) allows you to easily create timelines of news and events from various social media platforms, just as Storify did.

Hundreds of leading brands and publishers across Europe are already using Setka Stream to keep their readers updated with the latest information.

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All is not lost

Storify have provided details of how to export your content so you do not lose it when the site closes.

We know how important the platform is and how much it is valued by the community. Our developers are currently working hard to ensure that you can transfer all of your Storify content to us. We will get in touch as soon as this is ready!

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Here is our live Storify News Stream

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