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Learn about Get Current Studio, a design agency specifically focused on helping ethnic media publishers succeed.

Get Current Studio reimagines the brands of diverse publishers and how they serve their audiences.

Michael Grant

Founder, Get Current Studio

It’s never been more clear that representation in media matters – and not just representation in which stories are being covered, but also in who frames reporting in and about communities of color. In 2018, Pew Research Center found that newsrooms are even less diverse than the general U.S. working population, with only 23% of employees being people of color. These are abysmal stats on their own, but especially as so many important conversations are currently happening about racial justice in America. People of color ought to have more ownership of the narrative.

That’s why we’re so excited about Get Current Studio. This black-owned media design agency works at the intersection of journalism and technology, and guides legacy ethnic media publishers through digital transformation. Founder Michael Grant has an impressive background in journalism, with experience spanning from legacy publishers like San Francisco Business Times (where he served as Creative Director) to time spent exploring new media as a UX Design Editor at Reveal, from the Center for Investigative Reporting.


A design studio dedicated to providing ethnic media publishers with superior websites, top-tier support and hands on training

Founder: Michael Grant

Founded in: 2020

In 2018 we met Michael as a participant in the John S. Night Journalism Fellowships at Stanford University where he was working on a project specifically exploring ways to make digital media training more accessible to journalists of color (something he’s also been bringing to Get Current through a Learning Academy).

At Get Current he’ll work with publishers on everything from web development to content strategy, audience engagement, and newsroom up-skilling, with a special focus on black publishers with limited resources who are struggling with technological adoption.

“With our background in publishing, we’re acutely aware of the diversity problem the industry faces and the unique challenges publishers from marginalized communities have to overcome,” adds Kate Bazilevskaya, Director of Business Development/Partnerships, Tiny Technologies & Co-Founder Setka. “Michael is an amazing professional with a deep understanding of visual storytelling, publishing technology, and the media industry at large.”

We can’t imagine a better leader for tackling this problem than Michael and we’re excited to support him and this critical mission in every way we can.

Kate Bazilevskaya

Director of Business Development/Partnerships, Tiny Technologies & Co-Founder Setka

We’re honored to be chosen as one of Get Current’s tools of choice for helping these journalists bring their articles to life with multimedia elements, unique layouts, and more.

“Get Current Studio reimagines the brands of diverse publishers and how they serve their audiences. We believe Setka is an essential tool for enhancing their visual storytelling efforts in ways that resonate with readers across devices,” shares Michael Grant. “Not only does the editor offer an extensive set of article features and technical capabilities, we believe this comprehensive tool enables our publishing clients to deliver beautifully designed, media-rich content through an intuitive and approachable editing experience.”

If you’re an ethnic media company, make sure to check out Get Current Studio so you can get back to producing the engaging and important stories that the world needs.

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