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Setka Editor is a sophisticated yet easy-to-use editorial experience design tool beloved by leaders in tech.

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Setka Editor puts power directly into the hands of editors and designers to create stunning content with beautiful features — without much extra effort (and without always having to rely on developers).

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Setka Editor is a WordPress VIP Technology Partner that’s also available on Drupal, Ghost, Magento, and other platforms. Vetted by the VIP security team, our software is safe and easy to integrate with any existing CMS without breaking or interfering with templates, themes, or other existing code and design elements.


Setka Editor is “What You See Is What You Get,” meaning content teams can create unique layouts and styles without having to code, so developers can spend their time on bigger tasks. Advanced users can also add custom CSS, alter HTML code, and create custom code for reusable elements like subscription forms and more.

Responsive layouts for mobile

Setka Editor optimizes every layout for mobile viewing, automatically adapting a desktop design and auto-scaling images and other design elements. For those interested in further customization, it’s possible to choose your own mobile layout options or set distinct fonts and text formats for mobile displays as well.

Work you can export anywhere

Setka Editor organizes data using its own tree-like structure. Each content element, from picture to paragraph, is represented as an object with its own properties and connections to other elements. This prevents the document from being associated with HTML-presentation and allows content to be exported in other formats as well, like JSON.

SEO-friendly code

Setka Editor is focused on proper code structure that’s in line with HTML5 standards. Working within post content allows for a lower level of nesting, and less nested HTML code makes for faster load times. The tool also ensures correct usage of header tags, adds alt text to all images, and is also compatible with many SEO solutions.

Beautiful content — even if you uninstall

If you choose to uninstall Setka Editor, everything will be saved in your database as HTML code. CSS files can be stored client-side or accessed via Setka’s content delivery network (CDN). So you’ll still be able to connect style files to posts that are saved on your server, and they’ll maintain their outward appearance.

Advanced features
for designers and developers

Custom CSS

Design any element, grid, post or separate style with custom CSS.

Element ID Assignment

Mark items with identifiers to manage their properties.

Insert any HTML/Javascript

Use the embed tool to add any code to the page.

View in HTML

Check and edit your post in HTML.

Semantic Layout

Automatic tags in all the right places.

Integration with Custom CMS

We can help you integrate Setka Editor with any content management system.